April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

I hope that you all have had a blessed day with your family.

I will post about today's Easter another day, but for now

here is a look back at some of our past Easters together.

In 2005 Nick proposed on Easter Sunday in front of my family.

Each Easter egg had a reason he loved me writting inside.
And the bottom of the basket was the big question.

On Easter weekend 2006, we got Lily (hence the name!) We were doing some shopping on Saturday, stopped by a breeder's house, and fell in love. So needless to say that weekend was whirlwind. I didn't take any "nice" Easter pictures, but here is one from that weekend.

Easter 2008
In 2009 Reagan celebrated his first Easter!
He was 1 week old!

Poor little guy!

Here is last year's Easter. (2010) It was the day after Reagan's 1st birthday and we were EXHAUSTED!


Sara said...

so sweet! I love looking at all the past photos- what a CUTE proposal. Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Love it! The picture of the proposal is so sweet!!

Jamie said...

What a special holiday for y'all! I love the proposal pictures!

Mr Lonely said...

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