April 20, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!

This week has been crazy busy but as always, I am loving lots!
I am loving that Monday was Field Day for the kiddos. I worked the Koosh Ball throw with my friend Kate. It was really a boring event, so we jazzed it up by dancing around with the hula hoops and having the kids try and throw the ball in the hoop. It was soooo hot and I got sunburned but I had a blast!

I am loving that Tuesday was our First Grade Field Trip to the World Wildlife Zoo. It's an hour drive so the kids have usually never been there before. It's an AWESOME zoo with the animals sooo close! The price has gone up, but luckily our PTSA pays for it so our kids can experience the fun. It was another long, hot day in the sun! I came home, showered, took a couple of migraine pills, and went to sleep (at 6:00pm!) I was so not loving the migraine, but definately loving my sweet husband for being super dad and letting me sleep it off!

My group of zoo buddies
lion cub in nursery

the jaguar was sitting right above us

the zoo is known for their white alligator
reading the map
petting the sting rays

my girls (and first grade team)
I am loving the pretty new patio furniture and decor we added to the front yard. I love it!

I am loving that today was my kids' first day of NWEA testing and they did well. I gave them a little treat to cheer them on before the big test.Tomorrow is day 2 for reading and then we take the math portion in 9 days... That's the one that makes me super nervous!

( my ghetto bowl of cheerios)
I am loving that some awesome teachers have brought the Girls on the Run program to our school. Today after school was their practice 5k and a bunch of us stood with balloons, pompoms, and music to cheer the girls on. They will run the big 5k with other girls from the state in May.

I am loving that Easter is this weekend! Tomorrow is my "Friday"! I can't wait to spend the 3 day weekend with my family!

What are you loving today?



Leah said...

Love your cheerios idea! Field Day is one of my favorite days too! Spring break is next week for me and I can't wait!

star said...

I love the WWZ! I'm going next month! Did you visit the aquarium? Lpve your new patio furniture!

Cara S. said...

seriously, you are the sweetest teacher ever! Loved the "cheer"io snack. So cute. I wish you were my son's teacher! New follower here, love your blog!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am loving that the sun actually came out AND stayed out!! It's about time!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

Glad y'all had fun at the zoo! I know my little ones had a blast :)

Anonymous said...

The cheerios are so cute!! Love that idea :)

And I've heard of Girls on the Run. I'm thinking of trying that out next year too!