April 6, 2011


Happy Wednesday!!
(1) I'm loving that SPRING IS HERE! It is my favorite time of the year. The weather is gorgeous, there is so many fun things to do outside with Reagan, and we are doing fun things in First Grade! On a side note- the Spring tests are quickly approaching. My first graders are taking NWEA Reading in 15 days, DIBELS in 20 days, and NWEA Math in 22 days...but who is counting . ;) My eye has not stopped twiching for a week or so! STRESS! (2) I'm loving the Wild Kingdom show Nick and I just discovered on Animal Planet. Nerd Alerts. But it is seriously so addicting! (3) I'm loving all of the friends and family who came to celebrate Reagan's 2nd birthday. It was such a blast and I think I am still recovering! (4) I'm loving the book my friend Holly just let me borrow- Night Road. It is soo sad but I can't put it down! What are you loving this week? Link up with Jamie and play along!


The Pressley Family said...

I teach first grade too:) We were very lucky that our county decided to do away with standardized testing for first graders this year due to budget cuts. Not having that stress has been great! Good luck to your kiddos!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

We weren't supposed to have any standardized tests in first grade this year but then they sprung it on us about a month ago that we will! We'll be testing not next week but the next! Ahhhh!

Tickled Pink said...

Wow. Would LOVE to have no standardized testing for these babies!! And PS- totally wrong about the dates... It's closer.. I must have been on crack last night!