April 10, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was a well deserved relaxing one at our house!

Saturday was scheduled to be our family portrait day, but due to the rainy, cold weather we rescheduled. (I'm not going to lie, it was kind of nice to just veg out in my sweats listening to the rain! ) I read like a crazy woman, worked on school stuff, napped, and played with the little man. Plus it gives me some more time to tan, whiten teeth, and get skinny before the pictures!

Reagan and Nick watching a movie.

That night we went to my parents' house for dinner and games. My mom's dining table was set for Easter, so we ate in the garage. It was actually quite fun. We kept saying this is what it would be like to have a basement or something. After we ate, the adults all sat around the table playing games while the kids played.

Today the weather was beautiful! I got Easter basket stuff for Reagan, got Lily groomed, and worked on more school stuff. Reagan and I played outside with bubbles for the longest time. It was so fun to see him chase them all around. I was so disapointed with the Easter selection out this year. (Partly my fault for waiting so long!) I had wanted to order a neat Easter basket/bucket for Reagan but never got around to it! :( And as far as Easter decor- blah! There was nothing I could find this year.. Guess I will have to wait to next year! Did you guys find cute stuff? Where??

Tonight I'm planning on reading some more and catching up on my DVR (Bethany, RHNY) and watch Celeb Apprentice. Can't believe it's back to work tomorrow. More test prep for the little guys! 1 week until NWEA Reading and 2 weeks until DIBELS!

Have a great week !! XXOO


Ashley said...

I LOVE Celeb Apprentice! Gary Bucey is a total NUT!!

Raven said...

ok wait wait wait. HOW do you have time to read, nap, tan, whiten teeth, etc with A LITTLE GUY in the house? You must tell me your secrets, because I seem to have no time even to use the bathroom!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Nothing better than a relaxing weekend!

Jamie said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I love that first picture of Nick and Reagan...so cute!

Megan said...

I love the pic of Nick and Reagan on the couch... can not WAIT till ALL my boys will sit still on the couch and veg out and watch a movie!

& I totally have the same problem as you re: Easter baskets! So I'm ordering a zip-top boat tote from L.L. Bean with their names embroidered on them and using those as easter "baskets" for this year... we need some casual travel bags for the boys for our upcoming summer trips and I'm tired of sharing a suitcase with them!