September 3, 2010


Hi guys!
Sorry I have been pretty out of the blogging world! School has been crazy busy and Reagan has been fighting a cold/cough. Since my life has been first grade overload lately- I decided to jot down some funny things that were said in my classroom today to share with you all.
1. One of my girls (girl 1) chose a medal necklace (That I got from Kelli's birthday party) from the treasure box. It said "Winner" on it. While I was passing out spelling tests I overheard the following:
Girl 2: "What does that say"
Girl 1: "Winner"
Girl 2: "Oh, ya. Winner , Winner Chicken Dinner".
I was dying.. I know I say this a lot in the classroom, but its always hilarious when you hear a student say something you say... especially when they hardly speak English.
2. Another one of my girls came up to me during reading group and said "You are the best teacher I NEVER had". Gotta love first graders and their language.
3. One of my 5 boys.... yes, I only have 5 boys out of 18 kids..... asked me today why I colored something "Jello"... Poor guy can't say yellow... I couldnt stop smiling.
4. At the end of the school day I stand with my kiddos outside our classroom door where most of the parents pick them up. I have a VERY affectionate class of girls.. I gets hundreds of hugs, I love yous, and such throughout the day from them. But today as I was saying goodbye to my kids, one of my boys came up and whispered it my ear " I love you so much!"... I seriously almost cried.
Hope you all have a fantastic three day weekend. We have lots of relaxing family fun planned!


littledaisymay said...

Sounds like you have a super sweet class :) Hope you have a wonderful three day weekend!

Anonymous said...

How adorable!! Sounds like a class that will keep you smiling even through the stressful days :)

Gladys said...

How cute! Love those sweet and funny comments...enjoy your 3 day weekend!