September 11, 2010

Where I was....

A lot of you have been blogging about where you were on September 11th, 9 years ago.
I was a Sophomore at ASU, living in the sorority housing. My bff/roomate Rebecca's Mom called us to tell us to turn on the TV. (We were both sleeping). We were in shock. I called my Mom to talk/cry to her and most importantly ask about my Dad. He travels frequently and I wasnt sure where he was on this trip. Turns out he was traveling but not near the area. They closed the airways so he was stranded in another state but at least he was safe. I remember watching the footage in another sorority sister's room pretty much all day.

It was rush week and as it turned out that day was Bid Day. Our house still wore our planned outfits but added flag ribbons to our shirts. That night all of the sororities lit candles out front to honor those who were involved.

A teacher at my school posted on facebook today that yesterday she asked her 5th graders if they could tel her what September 11th is/was. They had no idea. Wow.

God Bless America.

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Victoria said...

God Bless America is right! So many people in this country forget how important God was in the development of the country and to our Founding Fathers! Thank you Mandy for your post.