July 11, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Today I'm linking up with Jamie for her weekly fun!
Hop on over and make sure to blog about what you are loving today! 

I'm loving that I won Caroline's Estrea SkinCare Giveaway!
I'm loving the wonderful lotions and especially love the face wash when I use it with my Clarisonic! 
Thanks for a great giveaway girl! 

I'm loving all the sweet people who voted for Reagan in the Lakeshore Learning photo contest. 
We didn't win, but I appreciate all of your votes! :) Seriously- how do people get over 1,000 votes?!

I'm loving my fabulous followers. I can't believe I am almost at 500!  Blows.My.Mind. You all rock!
I definitely need to have a giveaway soon!!
Anyone have a shop or a product they'd like to help?!

I'm loving all the twin moms I've found through Blogger. I really appreciate all your advice, posts, and emails!
I'm loving all the hard work Nick has been doing in the twins' room.  He's been painting and doing the chair rail.  Next up, building the second crib. Don't worry, you know I will post pictures when it is completed!
I have my very own Tim the Toolman Taylor.

I'm loving these Pinterest finds this week:

I loved this idea and made it for the playroom!
All of our arts and crafts are in one spot! 

I think would look perfect over our entry table. 
Just have to wait for the babies to be born and then we can do 3 portraits. 

Seriously, how true is this?  

I'm loving seeing my sweet friends this summer.

Lastly I'm loving spending so much time with my sweet boy.


Amy said...

Love the new background! :)

agalandherdog said...

You are so lucky to have a handy husband! Can't wait to see how the nursery comes along!

Leah said...

Its kind of weird not being in the mind set to start out a new school year. I see so many cute ideas on Pinterest that I would love to implement but this feeling won't last once Avery's here!

Ashley Lynn said...

I found the same organization pin for the kids door on Pinterest a few months ago. I added one to my daughters room and blogged about it! It has worked great these past 2 months and it teaches my daughter that there is a place for everything!

Amber said...

Building the crib!???!!!?? I am very impressed! I like your new design!

Natalie and Lee said...

TWINS! How exciting! We are expecting our first baby boy in August! I am a 3rd grade teacher and love finding working mommy blogs, especially when we have teaching in common! Your pinterest finds are great ideas! Going to catch up more on your blog! :)

The Wallace Family said...

Yay for winning the giveaway!! That's so fun:) Sounds like you have been having a wonderful summer...I bet it feels so weird not preparing a classroom!!

Nicholl Vincent said...

love the pics!

visit nichollvincent.blogspot.com

have a good night!

Jonathan said...

Thanks for playing along girl!

Love your Pinterest finds :)

Jamie said...

Oops! I commented under my hubby's email account! Ha!