July 8, 2012

26 Week Pregnancy Update

We made it to 26 weeks friends!

How far along are you? 
I am 26  weeks.

Total weight gain? 
I have officially gained back all of the weight I lost during that icky first trimester.
So now I am even- any thing I gain from here on out is new weight.

How big are the babies and any new Dr. info? 
I went to the Dr. on Friday and she said I still looked small, as if I were pregnant with only one.  But she measured the belly growth and it looked 33 weeks, so that's good. I go in for an ultrasound at the multiples Dr. next week so I can get you guys new numbers and weights then.  According to babycenter.com they are the size of an English Cucumber. 

We did have a little bit of a scare at the doctor.  I will spare you the details but basically I had a few signs that led her to believe I was dilated and starting the process.  She did a few tests and things are looking okay. She said just to take it easy and we are hoping for 4 more weeks.  She said ideally twins go until 34 weeks, but she would feel better with 1 more month.  Crazy, right? I guess I better get my butt into baby gear. I'm not quite ready yet.

Maternity clothes? 
Still the same as the last post.. I'm mostly wearing maternity clothes out of the house but when I'm around the house I just wear tee shirts and shorts from pre-pregnancy.

Stretch marks?
Yes. My belly continues to grow. 
But I'm trying to be better about lubing up the big 'ol belly each night.

I feel like I slept great this past week up north, despite the fact that Reagan, Nick and I all slept in the same bed up north.  Reagan always ended up laying horizontal so either his head or his feet were smashed against my belly. Not exactly the most comfortable position, but I think I was so exhausted I didn't mind. 

Best moment ?
Feeling the babies kick and move non stop. There is rarely a point of the day where I don't feel one or both of them! (This is a great feeling that I know I will miss.... but also can be somewhat annoying. i.e.  During "Magic Mike" I seriously was getting kicked by both so hard I yelled out a few times.... and not from the sexy dancing. These kickers hurt!)

Worst moment ?
My arms and legs fall asleep a lot lately.  My blood circulation is going all whacked up with the babies and when I am in the sitting position I loose feeling in my arms and legs. Pretty scary, especially when I'm driving.  I also get faint/lightheaded a lot when I'm running errands. Let me tell you... not fun when you are chasing around a 3 year old who is having a tantrum in the middle of a store.

Yep. All day. Every  day.
Hudson tends to move the most now. And yes, his kicks are 10x harder than Harper's.

Food cravings?
No real cravings! But I'm thirsty all the time. I really want some good cravings though. Isn't that supposed to be the best part of pregnancy?! 

Food aversions?
No food aversions.

Labor signs?
A couple things but hopefully we can hold them off!

Belly button in or out?
My belly button actually popped out this past week in Payson. I was talking with my sister Meg and literally felt it. It was the weirdest thing ever.

What I miss?
Mmmm. I miss hot dogs and Mountain Dew. 
And clearly margaritas. ha-ha. I was out at a restaurant and ordered a margarita so nonchalantly. What the heck? It was like I was possessed or something. The waitress didn't even notice but my mom and sister looked at me like I was crazy! 

What I'm looking forward to?
I'm looking forward to a pretty lazy week ahead. Reagan and I don't have much on the agenda this week so I'm happy to take it easy. I'm also looking forward to my next ultra sound to see new pictures of my sweet babies.

Here is my to-do list from last update. I've made a dent!

* Paint the nursery
*Hang the chair rail (hopefully crossed off the list today)
*Buy a bookshelf
* Order the 2nd crib
* Order the nursery bedding/decor
*Figure out the car situation/ buy a mini-van?
*Pull out Reagan's baby boy clothes for Hudson/wash
*Borrow Charlotte's baby girl clothes for Harper/wash
*Figure out what other clothes are still needed
*Organize baby closet and dresser
*Read the stack of Twin books on my nightstand
*Finish registering
*Find Reagan's bottles and see what else is needed
*Make baby shower guest list
*Finish and turn in short term disability paperwork


Miss Kindergarten said...

I love your updates!! You look adorable as always!

Leah said...

You look amazing. The hardest part for me is my hands falling asleep, no fun! I hope those babies stay cooking for a bit longer, we could end up having ours at the same time!

2sylly said...

Please let me know if you need help with anything on your "getting ready" list. Also, if these babies do come at 30 weeks, or even 34 weeks, I'm betting my gift won't be ready. That should keep you guessing...

The Wallace Family said...

You look so cute!! Looks like you have a bit of a list to accomplish!! I love the names Hudson and Harper. They are so cute together!!

Amber said...

My hands fell asleep all the time when I was pregnant with Aubree! I hated it! The nurse said she was probably sitting on a nerve. You really do look so little!! At least you won't have much weight gain to worry about afterwards! I gained 18 lbs with both babes and I never even tried to lose weight, breastfeeding took it all off within the first couple weeks. I can't wait to see the nursery! I can't imagine having to buy 2 of everything! Rest girl!!!

Jeremy and Megan said...

I love reading these updates! I'm sorry about your scary moment but glad to hear everything is well again! Congrats on making it to 26 weeks! That is when I had Olivia so I get excited when I see people pass that!! I hope you can keep those babies cooking as close to 40 weeks as possible! :)