July 12, 2012

Thinking about the registry....

I didn't think I would have to register for too much this time around.
I have Reagan's little boy stuff and my sister is letting me borrow Charlotte's baby girl stuff.

But I'm finding with twins there are definitely new things I need/want.

We have registered at Buy Buy Baby, Target, and Pottery Barn Kids.

Here some of the products I'm most excited about getting.

I used the regular "my brest friend" pillow and found it a lot better than the Boppy to nurse Reagan.
I really want to try and nurse the twins, so this twin version is going to be a must!

After talking to other twin moms and the Buy Buy Baby guys this seems to be the way to go.  We already have the Chico car seats that will fit perfectly in here. I guess all we have to do is snap them in and go. Haha. Get it? Then when they sit up better, we will get a nicer side by side stroller. Any recommendations?

I used a Baby Bjorn with Reagan (and actually have a second one for Nick to use well), but I've heard great things about this Moby Wrap.  I guess I can hold both babies in 1?! There are quite a few You-Tube videos I will probably have to watch first though! 

I've seen a lot of twin bloggers have these and I think they are pretty smart.  We don't have carpet, only tile and wood, so I think that this will help keep the babies comfy while we are on the floor.

We did a full size high chair for Reagan but for this point in our lives, I think we just need these little ones.  We'll attach them to the kitchen chairs and we'll be set! 

These seem to be all the rage right now with babies.  And my sister says if she would have done anything differently she would have gotten this for Charlotte early on.  If the babies are fussy or don't sleep well in the pack and play early on, we can use this instead of lugging the swing into the bedroom from the living room.

And of course the babies will each need their own chair.  Reagan did his monthly pictures in his Anywhere Chair and I want to do the same with the Harper and Hudson. With Reagan my sister got him the little chair first and then my mom got him the bigger version.  But I think it makes more sense just to get them both the bigger ones.  We don't need 6 chairs around the house! 

Anything else you think is a MUST HAVE have I haven't registered for?
Please let me know!!
Thanks so much! 


Leah said...

I ordered a small anywhere chair for Avery on June 3rd and it hasn't been shipped yet. I've had tons of problems with PBK=-(

Amy said...

We have that exact same RnP for Cash! I love it! So does Cash. Sometimes, when I'm making dinner & Luke isn't home yet {but I want Cash by me} I will just bring the RnP in the kitchen & Cash will hang with me!

Holli said...

We had just about everything on your list minus the rock and play sleepers. However, I've heard they are wonderful. Our boys love their anywhere chairs, but didn't start using them until around a year old. My only other suggestion that I can think of is a good backpack. I call it our "daddy diaper bag," but I use it a lot, too. With two arms always full, it helps to have a bag that will not slide off your shoulder! Happy registering!

natalie said...

I loved our moby wrap with our second baby. He was such a miserable baby (sick, sick, sick ALL THE TIME) and I held him for basically 4 months when he wasn't sleeping in the swing. I WISH we'd had one of those sleeper things--everyone raved about it. I slept on the couch for 10 weeks while he slept in the swing! :)

Mommy said...

We have a snap n go stroller that our babies are about to grow out of. Let me know if you would like to buy it. We got it brand new last November. We have the instruction book too. We would have to ship it since we are in Kansas.