July 16, 2012

27 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Hi guys!
I'm almost done with week 27!
I don't have any pregnant Mandy pics 
I do have ultrasound pics!

 Harper's profile 27 weeks. 2 lb 5 oz
Hudson's face 27 weeks. 1 lb 15 oz

How far along are you? 
27 weeks

Total weight gain? 
I have gained 1 pound.

How big are the babies and any new Dr. info? 
I went to the twins Dr. on Friday and things look great. 
The twins are both around 2 pounds each and they are doing great!
Harper is breech but it doesn't really matter since I'm doing a C-Section regardless. 

I went to my Dr. today and she was happy with my progress. Things were much better this week! Glad I took it somewhat easy last week! It looks like they will stay cooking longer! Yeah! I had my Glucose drink and blood work today.  I forgot how disgusting this drink was! I will share the results when I get them! 

Best moment ?
We brought Reagan to the twins' appointment on Friday and he got to see the ultrasound live for the first time.  He was really intrigued and asked a million and one questions (but what is new?).  He even asked for paper and a pen to "take notes".   

Nick has been making great progress in the twins' room and I'm getting so excited to decorate! 

Worst moment ?
My jaw is killing me!
Good thing I go to the dentist on Thursday.
My stress has been O.O.C. in my sleep and clearly my grinding is taking a toll. Grrrr..

Yep. All day. Every  day.

What I miss?
This week I am missing deli meat.  
I was never a huge fan of it to begin with, but I think my body wants what it can't have! 

What I'm looking forward to?
I'm anxious to finish up the nursery! We Nick still has projects to do and he is such a perfectionist it takes him f-o-r-e-v-e-r. I'm ready to start putting on bedding and decorating the walls! 

Here is my to-do list from last update. I've made a dent!

Paint the nursery
*Hang the chair rail 
*Buy a bookshelf and set up
* Order / set up the 2nd crib
Order the nursery bedding/decor
*Figure out the car situation/ buy a mini-van?
*Pull out Reagan's baby boy clothes for Hudson/wash
*Borrow Charlotte's baby girl clothes for Harper/wash
*Figure out what other clothes are still needed
*Organize baby closet and dresser
*Read the stack of Twin books on my nightstand
*Borrow twin books from my Mothers of Multiples group
*Finish registering
*Find Reagan's bottles and see what else is needed
*Make baby shower guest list
*Finish and turn in short term disability paperwork


Amber said...

I can't wait to see the nursery!!! Reagan is so cute to want to take notes! He is going to be a great helper with the babies:)

agalandherdog said...

You're making so much progress!

Victoria said...

You really are making progress! Don't forget to check the mailbox today!!! Take it easy!!! Listen to your body...yo can not afford to overdo it!!!

Jenny said...

I seriously can't believe you've gained only 1 pound! You look great and healthy, glad everything's going so well!