July 6, 2012

Reagan Updates

Recently, Reagan had his 3 year old check-up.
Yes. I know I was late.
His birthday was in April.

Here were his stats:
He was 39 inches tall (in the 50th %) 
He weighed 37 pounds ( in the 75th %)

I couldn't get him in with his doctor, so I scheduled it with the nurse practitioner. 
She was nice but I was pretty annoyed with her.

She basically told me Reagan was overweight.
Does she see the child in front of her?
You can see his ribs.

She says she was just using the BMI info on the computer.
I guess BMI doesn't account for muscle vs. fat.

Whatever. I could have hit her.

My child is not overweight.
I'm not just being a protective mother. I swear.
If he was a chunky monkey I would totally accept it.


Another reason I was annoyed was when I asked her about how to get him to sleep better in his bed/own room.  Her response was , "some kids just need less sleep".  No lady. Waking up every morning at 3:30 and coming into my bed is not right for a 3 year old. 

Potty training has been going good. 
When we are around the house he wears his "big boy underwear" and rarely has accidents. 
When we run errands or leave the house I put him in a pull-up.
He has been really good about telling me when he has to go to the potty.

Poop is still a struggle though.
He would rather hold it until he has a pull up on (usually at night time or nap time) to go.
I'm so over changing poopy diapers. Let's get a handle on the poop on the potty please!
Good thing is he rarely poops. Like once every few days. 
Don't worry. I asked the nurse about it. She said it was fine.

We just spent a week on vacation with family. And lets just say potty training took a few steps backwards.
I was lazy and didn't want to deal with washing underwear, so I kept him in pull-ups the whole time.
He was lazy and would rather play with his cousins.
So he ended up having quite a few accidents in his pull-ups.
Now that we are back home, hopefully things will get better! 

Reagan has said such adorable things lately.
Reagan: (totally out of the blue) "Momma, you know how the babies sleep in your belly?"
Me: "Yes"
Reagan: "Do they have beds in there?"
Me: (I started laughing really loud) "Aww I love you."
Reagan: (Covers his ears) "Momma, your love is TOO loud!"

One day in the pool we used a shovel to scoop a cricket out of the water.
I flung him out into the rocks.
Reagan: "Momma, why you do that?'
Me: "So he could dry off and hop away."
Reagan: "Oh. Those rocks have towels for bugs, huh?"

Although he continues to have his "terrible 3's", I love my little man! 


Mrs. Howard said...

WHAT?!? Overweight?!? Come on. Common sense lady. I get that the BMI tells you that, but look at the child, use your brain, and don't tell a parent that. Geesh. =) I would have been annoyed too.

Amy said...

Aww! What a sweet boy!

Courtney*Cakes said...

I have a request!!! More cute Reagan quotes!!!

PS. He is so not overweight.

ChyCohMommy said...

He's totally not overweight! My son just turned 3 in August & he's 36 lbs. Little Reagan looks perfectly healthy to me. :)