July 9, 2012

The time we got a van....

We did it.

We got a van.

We've been looking around, researching, talking with friends about what car to get that can best fit our growing family. Our biggest concerns were fitting 3 car seats all while having enough room for a double stroller. Plus I knew I wanted a DVD player in the back.  (I could just picture Reagan talking non stop or asking his million "Why?" questions while I had 2 crying babies.) Oh yes. Another huge concern was price. Since I'm not teaching this year we have to be able to afford it on one salary. 

Nick and I were completely stressed out and overwhelmed. 

The night before we went up north, my mom offered to watch Reagan so Nick and I could go do some shopping/looking.  We had looked at the Honda Odyssey and really liked it.  It was pretty (can you say that about a minivan?) and had great features but it was pretty $$ for even the low end model. 

My dad suggested we keep on looking.  He had heard some good things about the Chrysler Town and Country. And I remembered my friend Blair had recently got this van and loved it. 

So off we went to the Chrysler dealership (I couldn't help but thinking we were old farts going here. Doesn't it sound like something your grandma would drive?) I was shocked when they showed us the low end model.  It cost a good deal less than the Honda Odyssey and came with all the bells and whistles. 

I don't think it's as "pretty" as the Honda, but I couldn't ask for more in the features!

* seats 7
*leather seats
*huge trunk space
*dvd player with wireless head sets
*automatic doors
*automatic trunk
*rear air
* back up camera
*blue tooth phone
*sirius radio
*tons of storage
*the seats all fold into the bottom
and more (check out the website if you're interested!)

Since it was the end of the month, they were really ready to make and close a deal. Nick was feeling like a big shot and really played hard ball. (It was quite comical to watch.) We spent about 5 hours there and walked out with a new van. Who knew?! I've only driven it a handful of times since we've been on vacation but I love it.  I think it's going to be perfect for our family of 5!


Amber said...

The van is cute! And you will love all those features!

Hayley said...

So, you are going to be able to stay home with the babies this year? That's awesome! I was blessed to stay at home with the twins for the first 2 years and loved every single minute of it. It was super hard going back, but in all honesty, I kind of like getting away and being able to talk with adults! Congrats on the new ride too!!!

Country Girl said...

So sorry about the van--haha! Marty keeps trying to talk me into an SUV but I said not until I'm a grandma! I'd better get to work on gifts--time is flying!

Victoria said...

Love the new van! Can't wait to hear it's name!

Jenny said...

Love it! You're a total soccer mom, too fun!