July 23, 2013

Summer Play Dates and TTT

These past few weeks we have had a few fun play dates with friends.

2 weeks ago we met up with the Scottsdale Moms Group for a play date at our church.  They had tons of activities set up for the kids. It seriously was mad chaos but the kids LOVED it.  We had a handful of friends there so luckily I had some help wrangling my kids.  Hudson and Harper wanted to get out of their stroller and be a part of the action, but there wasn't a safe area for babies.  We tried to keep them on the carper playing with blocks... but they were off in an instant. Thank goodness for sweet friends who lent a hand in holding these wild ones.  Reagan had a BLAST running around like a crazy man and playing with everything!

Can you see the craziness!?!

I love this picture. You can totally see my sister Meg trying to get Hudson before he escapes!

Wednesday we met up with our friends Sarah, Chase, and Kennedy at one of our favorite museums.
Normally I don't think I would try a children's museum with all 3 kids by myself, but this particular one has a baby area that keeps the little ones from being trampled on.  Luckily I have awesome babies and they were very well behaved.  Reagan had a BALL running around and playing with everything.

 The twins in the baby area.

 Kennedy, Harper, and Sarah

Chase and Reagan

Love this picture of the boys 2 years ago at the museum and this week at the museum. So fun to see how they have grown, but how they still look so much alike! 

Thursday we had a play date with our friends Megan, Noah, and Owen.
We went over to play at their house and have some lunch. The boys always play so well and its always a treat to gab with my old friend! 

 They are "babysitting" a friend's bearded dragon for a few weeks so it was very cool to watch it- especially when it was eating crickets for lunch!  (The boys were highly impressed!)

It was so cute to watch Hudson so badly want to be one of the "big boys".  

 One of the few moments all 5 kids were playing together.
It was pretty darn cute!

Shirt and shorts from Carter's 

Dress from Gymboree
Bow was a gift 

Reagan aka Rockstar
Outfit from Macy's

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Malanda @ Outnumbered by Little Boys! said...

Your children are adorable!

Emily Powell said...

cute rockstar picture :)

Lea Culp said...

Look at you, just go for it with those babies and tackle the world. I love it! What fun times for those sweet children and good for you for jumping in, even though I know it must be tiring. Happy week!

Megan said...

I can NOT believe how big the Twins are!!!!!!!!!!!! Reagan, I can't get over him!! He looks like he is at SUCH a fun age!! :)

Thanks for linking up with us last week!! :)

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Lots of playdates! It looks like you've been having a good time!