July 19, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday

Today I'm linking up with Cara over at The First Grade Parade for her Friday Link Up- Favorite Pins!

If you follow me on Pinterest you know I am a late night Pinterest addict. I lay in bed just pinning away on my phone. Totally romantic, right? 

Here are some of my favorite funny pins from this week!

Things That Crack Me Up

This is funny because I totally threw a 1st birthday party for my dog Lily.
She even had dog-friends come as guest.

Yep. Story of my life.
I totally need to be a better friend.
If I'm not knee deep in taking care of my kids, I curl up and turn into a hermit. The last thing I want is to talk to anyone. Sorry friends.

 You have no idea how true this is. Seriously. I may be a tad bitter that your healthy and all, but I don't really want to see your food pictures.


 How many times have I done this or seen this?! Love it.

Story of my life.

So true.
Even Reagan says it.

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Lea Culp said...

Great pins and great laughs! Have a super weekend!