July 22, 2013

Monday Made It #4

I loved this "noise meter" from Lucky to be in First
I was so excited to print it and make it magnetic for my class white board.  I think it will be great to help remind the kids what kind of voice they should be using.

I made this bucket full of brain breaks for my class to pull from throughout the day.  
Everyone loves a good brain break from learning! 

A couple of friends that I used to work with wanted to get together before school started up, so I had them over for an informal get-together Saturday afternoon.  Everyone brought a little app or dessert to nibble on while we caught up. I didn't do a whole lot of party prep since it was a laid back gathering, but I did find these adorable "school paper" napkins from Target and banner from here.

I love these girls.
So glad that we had so many years working together!


MJ said...

Love the idea of a back to school get together for teachers! And those paper napkins are adorable :)

Amy said...

What cute napkins! Ha! Love those brain break ideas...can Mama's use those, too? ;)

Elizabeth Rossmiller said...

The brain break sticks are great! I need to make some of my own for my classroom! Thank you so much for sharing


Teaching 3rd with Mr. G said...

Your brain break bucket is awesome! Thank for sharing!
Teaching 3rd with Mr G

Ms. Amanda said...

I love the Brain Break idea! I need one for everyday life. I'm excited to try it!

Victoria said...

I am so excited to see yo getting back into the classroom!!!! You are so excited, that it makes my heart happy!!! You continue to have such great ideas!!! Love you!! Mom