July 12, 2013

Family Trip Up North Part 2

If you missed yesterday's part 1 of our family's trip up north for the 4th, click here!

Saturday, July 6th

Saturday morning we started off by taking some pictures before Mimi, Papa, and the grandkids headed down for the parade. For the last 7 (?!) years we've participated in the club's golf cart parade.  The kids really love this tradition with their grandparents.

 The grands!

 Our fam

 We dressed the kids like little grillers for our cart's theme.
How cute does Reagan look?!

 The front of the cart.

 The back of the cart.

 My parents with Charlotte and Rea.

 Here is an action shot of during the parade.
My niece and nephew rode their scooters along side this year while Charlotte and Reagan rode in the cart.

Harper and Hudson just watched from the side this year!

After the parade we headed back home to feed kids, rest, and get ready for the pool.
The pool is always so fun this day every year. They hire a balloon artist/face painter, have a great band, and have cotton candy, snow cones, and popcorn.  It is so much fun! We left the babies at home with Mimi and Papa and just took the other 4 kids.

 Super Rea Rea!


 Enjoying the day!

The clouds rolled in and the rain started, so we left the pool and headed back to the house for afternoon/evening fun.

Sunday, July 7

Sunday morning we headed to the golf course to take some family pics. I loved some but was frustrated with others! It's going to be tricky to get all 3 kids smiling and looking cute at the same - plus throw in me looking icky - blah!

 I do LOVE this one of my family.

 Oh. And here is the classic.
I'm going to try to do a re-do pic soon.

 My older sister and her family.

 My younger sister and her family.

I love this one of my parents and the grandkids!

After photos we went inside the clubhouse for the pancake breakfast. 
It is always so delicious! 

 Reagan said this year was "pan-tastic". Love him.

 My beautiful baby girl.

 One side of the table.

 The other.

After breakfast the boys all went golfing and the girls went home with the kids.  We did a lot of wrangling little ones. And I laid down and napped with the babies.

Cousins playing through the door.

That evening after dinner some of us hit up the park.

 Rea had a blast as usual.

 Watching his big cousins play.

 Doing the zip line with Uncle Ryan.


We had a WONDERFUL time as usual. Huge thanks to my amazing parents who host us all and create a wonderful little vacation for us all every year.

 I just love that my kids are growing up so close with their cousins, aunts, uncles, and grand parents.  Growing up, I didn't live near any of our family.  All of my dads family lives in Wisconsin and I've seen my cousins maybe 5 times. My grandma on that side flew out a couple times a year to stay with us growing up but that was it. My mom's family lives all over and we rarely saw them when we were little. My grandparents on her side lived here but they weren't what you would call typical grandparents. 

Anyway. It just fills my heart with joy that my son calls his cousins his best friends, thinks his aunts/uncles hang the moon, and love his Mimi and Papa (probably) more than Nick and I. Ha. 


Amy said...

Looks like such a great time! So glad ya'll are able to be so close to one another! Does your older sister & her family live as close as your younger sister?

I think your pictures turned out great & girl, you look fab! :)

Have a great weekend!

Jenny Banian said...

Great pictures! I love your blog. Please check out my (brand new) blog when you have a chance :).


Cari said...

Love family time! Sounds like a great trip

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Looks like you had an amazing time! Love the pictures!