July 16, 2013

The Twins 9 month Update

The twins are 9 months!
So much has changed since last month.
Let's see if I can do a good recap.

We've continued to make baby food this past month but have also introduced pouches for when we are out and about : Yogurt, puffs, cheerios, mangos, avocados, pumpkin and broccoli. 
You've also started experimenting with finger foods such as cut up strawberries, blueberries, grapes, pancakes, and bread.  You are doing pretty well with the sippy cups of water but I think you enjoy throwing them off the high chair more than anything. You are still drinking about 25 ounces in your bottles a day. At 8 months you were still having a combination of breast milk and formula.

You wore a combination of sizes.  You've worn but 3-6 and 6-9 months. Hudson still fits and wears 0-3 shorts if I don't have anything in the right color/size. He has such a small bottom half!

You are both still wearing size 2 diapers.

Other fun tidbits from the past month:
You both crawl everywhere! So we put up "baby jail" to keep you in a certain area and keep you safe.  As the month went on, we have started to let you guys just crawl everywhere...but for when I need to do something, I keep you in the pen.  You both got your first two teeth this past month.  First trip to the splash pad, You both started sitting up unassisted.  You both started pulling yourself up on everything and standing.  You spent a week in a "day care setting" while I taught VBS.  There were only 2 other babies besides you in the church nursery, but I think it was good for you to not have me all the time.  You both sat in a high chair at a restaurant for the first time and sat in a shopping cart for the first time. I ordered the amber teething necklaces because I was so nervous about teething.  We wore them religiously for the first few weeks.  Hudson had a horrible teething experience so we kept his on to see if it helped any (and I think maybe it is?!) but we took off Harper's because I don't think it made a difference with her.

Dr. Appointment info:
At your 9 month Dr. appointment all looked well.  You are measuring on the small side but overall the Dr. wasn't concerned.  She suggested we add more healthy fats to your diet to get your weight up but she wasn't overly worried because you are both so strong. No shots this visit for you, just a toe prick to check for anemia - and all looked good!

Dear Harper,
My sweet, sweet, Harper. 
You are my little princess.  You can be so darn serious when you aren't sure about something.  You study everything.  We laugh at how funny it is to give you and Hudson both the same toy.  You hold it up and examine every part of it with your fingers. Whereas your brother pounds it on the ground and yells. You have discovered waving this past month and you get the biggest smile on when you wave to things and people.  You are so cautious when you crawl.  You take little crawls and sit in a doorway looking around before you enter. You love water!  You get so excited for bath time and even gave me a heart attack when you managed to flip out of your bath chair and into the tub full of water.  When you are in the pool, you love to dunk your head. You discovered how to pull yourself up on things this month but again- much more cautious than your brother.  You get a little anxious when you can't figure out how to get down. You caught your first tummy bug this past month and threw up! :(  You have started really "talking" and you say "Dada" and "My Dada" a ton. I try and try to get you to say "Mama" but you just respond, "Dada" with a huge smile. I think you know what you're doing! I just love the way you "coo" and make the best sighing sounds.  Such a little girl. Everyone who sees you in public comments on how you are the most beautiful baby girl. :)

Your hair is still slow to grow in but the color seems to be a medium brown.  Your eyes are still a very dark blue and your lashes are long and dark.  We had no idea you were teething! You were such a champ. Literally we looked in your mouth one day and saw your two bottom teeth were in! So different than your brother! 

You weigh 16 pounds 15 ounces which puts you in the 12th percentile.  So, you have gained 2 pounds in 3 months.  You dropped 4 percentiles in weight.  You are 27 inches which puts you in the 24th percentile.  You gained almost 2 inches but your percentile dropped 26 percentiles. Your head circumference is in the 13th percentile.

I seriously don't think I could love you any more Harper Grace.
You are my sweet little angel.

Dear Hudson,
My happy, wild, little man.
If I have any gray hairs, you are the reason why.
You are a complete wild man.  When you want to be snuggled, you hold on like a little monkey and fit so perfectly in my arms.  But when you want down, boy, you really want down.  You will squirm until you are free to crawl and move.  Diaper changing, getting dressed, and getting you zipped into your sleep sack seriously makes me work up a sweat.  You HATE being held down.  It takes you less than a second to flip over and try to crawl away. You are fearless. You crawl super fast and pull yourself up on everything. When you pull yourself up and can't figure out how to get down- no worries- you just let go and free fall. What on earth. Give me a heart attack why don't you!?! I can't count how many times you have fallen or smacked right into something.  You love to walk around the baby jail holding on to the gate and yelling for us to rescue you. You love to bang toys - especially on your sister.  Whenever we hear her crying we can almost bet that you are holding her down and hitting her with a toy. Hence why we have two baby jails set up. You often need to be separated. You are just like me when you get tired.  You play with your hair and try to yank it out.  You love Yo Gabba Gabba.  A commercial randomly came on and you started clapping and squealing.  We have found the key to your happiness. Whenever you are mad or sad we pop in the DVD and you clap, smile, and dance. It's the best. I need a video ASAP. Even though you are a wild man most of the time, when you get into water you completely chill out.  You are like Mr. Joe Cool and just soak it all in. You don't say any words like Harper yet, but you scream and holler enough for the both of you.  You sound like a monkey hollering from the trees. My little Tarzan! 

Your hair has gotten so long, thick, and soooo blonde.  Your eyes are still really light blue. When your bottom two teeth came in you were in so much pain.  You drooled like crazy and woke up crying for like a week straight.  

You weigh 17 pounds 8 ounces which puts you in the 5th percentile.  So just like Sissy, you have gained 2 pounds in 3 months.  You dropped 4 percentiles.  You gained an inch in length and are 27 1/2 inches long.  You are in the 18th percentile in length. For head circumference you are in the 4th percentile. 

My little Huddy Buddy. You are such a spit fire.
 I love your personality and could just eat you up with a spoon. 
PS. I'm totally ok with the fact that you are a huge Mama's Boy. :)


Kathryn said...

They are too cute!! Their stats remind me of the girls, they both have always been on the smaller side. Your Hudson is like my Samantha, the wild, keep you on your toes kiddo! I guess one has to be crazy right?! :)

Mommy said...

Try the little lassos to solve the throwing the sippy cup problem. I ordered them for my twins when they were over a year old and wished I had them sooner. They are great to keep the sippy attached to the high chair, stroller, etc. They are nice for restaurants because the sippy won't fall on the yucky floor. Just google it.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Happy 9 months!