July 31, 2013

2 Big Firsts for Reagan!

Last week Reagan had two big firsts!
My little guy is sure growing up fast.

He had his first ever trip to the dentist.  We had been reading books about the dentist and talking about it regularly, so he was excited to go. We went to a children's dentist and boy was it cool.  There were TVs on the walls playing kid movies, Lego tables, video games, etc. They gave Reagan a full tour of all the bells and whistles. He thought it was pretty awesome.  He did great with x-rays, the exam, etc.  And the dentist was so cute and took a few pictures with him so that he could take it home for his scrapbook. We did walk away with a few new tidbits though. 1) We needed to cut out fruit snacks from his diet. It was typically Reagan's go-to snack but they are terrible for his teeth. (He's been really good about cutting them out and hasn't asked for them once! Maybe I should use the "dentist" for other things?!) 2) We were told to start having him rinse with kids' ACT fluoride each night before bed. 3) I should start taking the twins at 1 year old! 

You may remember how Reagan "bombed" his eye exam at his 4 year well child exam. Well, we took him to the eye doctors and yep - he failed that too. I mean. He's not blind, but boy does this kiddo struggle to see!  His eyes were like 20/100 (whatever that means!) Poor guy. He never complained about it or anything, but clearly the world is fuzzy to him.  So we ordered him some glasses.  You may have seen them on my insta-gram. He is pretty darn adorable. They take a week to come in and boy, he can't wait.   Now if only I could keep them in tact and not breaking at school! 


Murdock's mama said...

He is so adorable!! {I have 20/100 vision, so I know just how blurry things must have been for him...poor boy!}

Kathryn said...

Omg I love, love his little glasses!! He does look like the Jerry Maguire kid! Adorable!!! Also, I was just thinking about taking the twins to the dentist so glad you said to take them at a year!! Need to make an appointment!

Lea Culp said...

Oh, my Grans love those fruit snacks too. Glasses are so "the thing" nowdays, so Reagan will definitely be "in vogue." Happy weekend!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

He looks so cute in his glasses!