July 29, 2013

Monday Made It #5

Hi friends!
Sorry I've been MIA in blogland lately. 
I spent most of last week in my classroom, working like a maniac. And when I got home it was full on "mommy mode". So my blogging has taken a back-seat. But I hope to get some posts set up in advance to post this week! Thanks for understanding!

Since I was working in my room so much, I wasn't doing a whole of making things.

Here are a few things I've been up to though!


 Like so many of you in blog-land, I made these cute little birthday gifts for my future students.  I got the straws from Walmart and the printable from here. Thanks to Once Upon a First Grade Adventure for making these! 


I also made a little prayer ring to keep in my desk at school. I know sometimes I get anxious, overwhelmed, and frustrated and I think being able to pull this out will really be helpful. Do you have any favorite verses of prayers I should add?


Much of my weekend was working on this! I am going from 3 file cabinets at my old school to 1 in my new.  So I've had to go through files and put them into sheet protectors in binders. Phew. Its been a little $ and time consuming, but I hope it will keep me organized and able to find what I need without digging through boxes. (PS- These pictured are just for math and writing. Phew)  (PPS- I still need to print notebook covers and spine inserts but my printer is acting weird right now!)

I can't wait to check out the link up and see what you all have been making this week! 


Elizabeth Rossmiller said...

Hi Mandy,

I have truly enjoyed reading your blog. Your Bible verse idea touched my heart! I never thought of that, but it is something so simple, yet so meaningful when days get the best of us.

I tend to be a HUGE worrier, so when I worry, I read Mathew 6:25.

Seconds at the Beach

Amy said...

Love the prayer cards! I need to make something like that & keep it by my side, too.

Victoria said...

You make me so proud. You make me so happy. You are a lovely woman, a great mom, a superb teacher, a wonderful wife, and a darling daughter!!! I love thevprayer ring! In times of anxiety, also read Philippians 4:6&7.

Monica said...

I just found your blog through bloglovin and I love it! I sure like your idea of a ring of quick prayer verses! I am so going to create this for me! I have been taking prayer walks during lunch to refocus and be more at peace. I tend to be a workaholic and I get stressed over the workload- I think this will help me! Thanks for sharing!