April 1, 2013

Our Weekend

It was another busy weekend around our house!

Friday started off with me being summoned for jury duty!
I honestly did not think they would call me in because it was Good Friday. But I was wrong! I showed up at 8:00 am and filled out the paper work.  Once in the courtroom the judge began asking us to introduce ourselves and such.  After we took an oath he asked if anyone had a health issue that wouldn't permit them to serve as a jury member for a few days. I raised my hand and told him I was breast feeding my twin babies and needed to get home to feed them at 10:00.  He said that he would imagine that would distract me from giving this trial 100 percent of my attention.  I agreed and told him that it would probably distract the other jurors as well (ie.- a milky mama).  Everyone laughed including the defendant. The judge said that he likes to keep a clean courtroom and have attentive jurors, so I was excused. It was pretty funny!

That night was my Mom's birthday party.
The family all gathered at my parents' house for a grill out and desserts.
Its always a great time to get together and the kids just love each other to pieces.

Harper and I with my niece.

My Mom, myself, my two sisters, and the twins.

With my sisters and the babies.

All of us eating on the patio.

Nick and Hudson.

Papa and Harper.

Mimi and Hudson.

The table in my parents' backyard - perfect for our ever growing family!

I love Spring!

Watching some March Madness while the little ones play.

Aunt Joc and the kids gave Reagan his birthday present early.
They got him a Cars sleeping bag and a lantern.
They made a little fort- it was so fun!


Happy Birthday!
My Mom, sister Joc, and Bro in Law all share birthdays this weekend!

Saturday afternoon we went to visit my friend Holly.  Her mother was in town visiting and we wanted to go say hello as well. I'd never met her in person but I feel like I "know her" from all of our Facebook comments and such. She is such a kind woman, I now know where Holly gets it from.

That night we went to Chase's birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza. It was a mad-house! And the evening was quite an adventure.  Reagan was over the moon to be there and playing. Long story short- he refused to eat dinner (don't let the picture fool you), peed his pants because he was "too busy playing", threw one heck of a tantrum when it was time to leave. It was a hot mess. Plus we had the twins with us and there wasn't much room for a double stroller anywhere there! Of course once we got into the car he starts screaming that he is hungry.  So we stop at Sonic and get some food. He throws another tantrum. (Bless those sweet babies, they just slept through it all!)

The party was on the other side of town, so we had a long car ride home.
Once we got home, Reagan still needed to eat, take a bath, and do his bed time routine.  Then I had to pump, get everything ready for the "Easter Bunny" and get everything ready for church/Easter the next day.  Needless to say, I fell into bed that night.

 We had a wonderful Easter Sunday.
I will do an Easter post tomorrow, but until then I will leave you with a photo of my kids before church- I just love it!

How was your weekend?


Mommy Mandy said...

Hahaha, I am dying over the jury duty story...love it! And so true! You've gotta be home with those babies

Leah said...

Love their Easter outfits! I can't believe how big they are getting!

Rebecca said...

Great jury duty story, I will have to remember it if I'm called in! The kids look adorable as usual.