April 12, 2013

The Twins' at 6 Months

Six Months.
I am totally emotional just thinking about this.

Where have my little newborns gone?
They have been replaced by full-fledged babies who "talk" and move like crazy!

This month was a busy one and they kept up like champs.
With all the birthday parties and holidays, every weekend was busy.
And they were such troopers.
They are really such good babies and I appreciate it so much.

First St. Patrick's Day

Dedication Day at Church

 First Easter

First Easter

Let's see.
The run-down:

They are both still eating 6 ounce bottles each feeding (still every 3 hours during the day). Each bottle has 1/2  breast milk and 1/2 formula.  I'm not quite sure what is going on with my milk supply but it is starting to slow down this week. So I've started back up eating oatmeal every day for breakfast and pumping 5 times a day (kill me now). Hopefully it kick-starts the milk flow again. 

We started rice cereal this week and the jury is still out. Hudson liked it the first few days but today wanted nothing to do with it.  Harper has hated it from the get-go. Her faces have been pretty amazing.  One of my childhood best friends is a pediatrician so I grilled her all about eating/feeding this past week.

They are both wearing size 2 diapers.  I have put away most of their 0-3 mo. clothes but Hudson still wears some of the 0-3 month shorts. They fit. Don't judge! The rest of their clothes right now are 3-6 months.  I pulled out their 6-9/6-12 month but it seems so huge! They have stopped wearing long jammies at night and have moved into onesies instead. It was just getting too hot in our house to be so bundled. Good news is we have 1 million onesies and I rarely dress the twins in them. Bad news is the footie jammies are soooooooooo much cuter! 

Harper has been sleeping in her sleep sack for awhile now and Hudson started regularly sleeping in it this week. Yay! No more swaddle! :)  Harper has discovered how to flip and sleep on her belly at night and she LOVES it.  I lay her down on her back and she cuddles with her lovey and then turns on her side and is flipped onto her belly in no time with her hand by her face. Melt. My. Heart.  The babies' last feeding is usually 8pm and then lay down by 9pm. Harper is sleeping through the night and Hudson is still waking up most  nights to be soothed or put back in our bed. Our pediatrician told me today that he for sure knows that I will come and get him, so he knows to cry for me. I need to just bite the bullet and let him figure it out on his own. Wish me luck.

They both had tiny bouts with pink eye this month ( I think ). I didn't take them to the Dr. but recognized the crusties in their eyes. I had drops from when Reagan had it so gave them some. I never saw pink in the eye or rubbing , but used my mommy-judgement. Hope it was right! Haha.

Dear Harper,

You are weighing 14 lbs 8 oz and have dropped down into the 16th percentile. You are still healthy and have some meat on your bones though! The doctor wasn't worried. Your length has stayed the same since last appointment and you are now in the 40th percentile. The doctor was pleased with your strength and your pleasant demeanor. She could tell that you were a good baby for your Momma!

You are my little princess. You hear my voice and your smile goes from ear to ear. It just melts my heart. You follow me with your eyes all around the room/house and laugh whenever we make eye contact. Such a lover. You are seriously so happy. But I should clarify. You are happy with us, your family.  You are incredibly serious with everyone else. We will be at the store and random people come up to talk and coo to you guys. Hudson perks up and plays immediately but you are so reserved. You just stare and study at the person and they usually give up.  

Your favorite person in the world is still your brother Reagan. He loves to "babysit" you for pennies. He calls your Harps McGarps and you giggle non stop. 

Your hair is finally starting to grow. And your twin brother sure has noticed. He likes getting a handful of your hair and yanking. He learned from you my dear. You have been doing this for months to him.

You love to study everything. I will catch you staring at a toy, your fingers, your clothes, etc. rotating it, examining it, and touching every part of it. 

You like your binky but don't need it. You love your lovie and cuddle up with it when you sleep. Your favorite toys are stuffed animals and dolls that you can suck or chew on. 

I love the noises you make. Especially your "sighs". You make a sighing noise a lot these days- totally like "whoa is me". It cracks us up. When you get excited you giggle and laugh so hard. Sometimes you will be crying because you are hungry and I can't get your bottle to you fast enough. All of the sudden your crying will turn into laughter. It is crazy. You just can't help giggling. 

While your brother has been rolling over longer, you have made up for lost time. This last week and a half you have loved rolling and playing on your belly.  You are doing really well with sitting in the "tripod" but still need assistance from me or the Boppy pillow.

I have loved watching you grown and change Miss Harper.
You and I will always have a special bond.
You are my little princess.

Dear Hudson,

You are weighing 15 lbs. 8 oz. and are in the 9th percentile. You seem like a big boy to me, but I guess you are still a little peanut! Like your sister, the doctor wasn't worried. You look great.  You are 26 inches long and have just barely slipped by your sister in height. The doctor was so amazed with your strength and you much you move. She loves your happy personality and always comments on how you are such a ladies man.

You continue to be my happy, little buddy. I swear. You make everyone who sees you fall in love. From strangers at the store, family members, even your doctor. You have everyone wrapped around your little finger.  You continue to be a flirt and love to smile. 

You are a mover. You NEVER sit still. Whether it be on the carpet playing, on the changing table, or in your crib. you roll, scoot, just plain move. You are definitely a "Momma's Boy". Sometimes you are just crying so hard  and poor Daddy has tried everything. But you just want your Mommy. Once you are in my arms you stop. My little lover! You love to laugh at your sister. Harper will often just "talk" and grab for your hands. And you just giggle, giggle, giggle at her. It's precious. I hope you always love her this much. 

You love playing. Whether it be in the exercauser or on the floor with toys, you love to bang and make noise. You also love to swing though. It's probably one of your favorite parts of the day. Your new favorite thing to do is play peek-a-boo. You cover your face with your lovie and I say "Where's Hudson?". You then rip it off and I say "Peek-a-boo". You laugh and smile so hard. It's precious.

You crack me up during feedings. You seem to like your privacy as you always cover your face with your bib! It's so funny.  You are also trying really hard to hold your bottle. Pretty soon you'll be feeding yourself buddy!

You still grunt more than make other noises. Sometimes it's hard to tell if you are angry or just playing. Most often you are playing and making crazy animal-like-grunting sounds. So bizarre. But that's you! Your favorite position is to be on your hands and knees and rocking.  You want so badly to crawl. But I'm not rushing it! Stay my little baby a little bit longer!

My little monkey.
I love you and your cuddles more and more each day.


Ashley Brickner said...

So sweet!!! They are adorable!


Mrs. Mommy said...

They are so precious! I can't believe they are 6 months already. I feel like they should be so much younger than Kase. I didn't realize they are only about a month apart!

I have to take Kase to a feeding clinic next week because he still refuses to eat anything besides his bottles. I'm so nervous, but need to figure out what his deal is!

Lea Culp said...

How precious and what a thoughtful entry. I do hope you are having your blog printed in book form at the end of the year. Your children will treasure these entries in the years ahead. Always enjoy stopping by and seeing these precious little ones.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Happy 6 months, Harper and Hudson!!!