April 25, 2013

Revisiting my 2013 Goals

In January I wrote a post about my goals for the new year.

I thought it was time to revisit those goals and give myself a little self-check.

Get more organized with my housekeeping and do a better job of keeping up with my chores.
I found a good little checklist that breaks the household chores up by days, etc. from Pinterest (where else!?) and I've been doing it this week. It's been working! 

This one is hit or miss. Some weeks I'm really good at cleaning the house and following the schedule. Others, not so much. This week for example is a "not so much" week. I def try to vacuum every other day, stay on top of laundry, mop once a week, etc.  But things like scrubbing the bath tubs, cleaning the mirrors, cleaning out the fridge aren't done as often as I had planned.

Find a way to add some income to our household while I'm at home with the babies. I've gotten a lot of suggestions from many of you from InstaGram and I really appreciate it.  I'm not sure selling is the way I want to go but it's still an option. I'm thinking of maybe tutoring , selling lessons on TPT (but I need to figure out how to create them!), and maybe teaching online classes. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Well, this never happened. Zilch. Not making any money right now. Boo.

Get my professional stuff prepared (ie. resume, letters of rec, etc.)
In case I do return to the classroom next year, I need to make sure that my stuff is all ready!

Yes! I have done this. I've sent out a ton of applications these past few weeks, so please keep me in your prayers. I know the right job for me will open up and present itself.

Make time for Nick and I.  We have only gone out once without kids since we've had the babies- for Nick's birthday in October.  I know it's hard to find someone who has time and energy to watch all 3 kids so they may end up being "in home dates".  Once the kids go to bed we tend to do our own thing  (ie. Nick irons and does reading for his tests and I read or blog). We need to set time up to do things together - ie games, movies, desserts, etc.

We've gone out 3 x without the kids since this original goals post. That's almost once a month. Not too bad.  We haven't really been successful with our in home dates.  I had high hopes for board games, desserts, etc. But that just hasn't happened yet.  There is still time! :) 

Have more patience with Reagan and give him time to be a kid.  Since the babies have been born I feel like I have a majorly short fuse and just don't have time to do the fun things with him that I used to do.

Lord knows I have been trying.

Start attending church more regularly.

We've actually been really good about this once.  Since January we have only missed 2 Sundays. Reagan just LOVES his Sunday School class and Nick and I are really enjoying going to service each week.

I love to read and need to find the time to continue this love!

I've been so-so with this goal. Honestly depends on the book and depends on my time! Right now I'm struggling with the book I'm reading.  It's due back to the library in 2 days so I had better get my bottom into gear if I want to finish it before it's due. I've already renewed it once! 

Get out of the house more!
Since the babies have been born I am really overwhelmed with the task of leaving the house.
Baby-steps... but I need to get more comfortable running errands and such with the twins and with all 3 kids.

I've gotten so much better with this one! I'm super proud of myself! It's not quite as daunting as it used to be! 

Be responsible with our money.
I want to start couponing and being a bargain shopper. Any tips?

No hard core couponing, but if I shop I do try to look for a coupon or a coupon code first.  

Live in the present.
I'm a big planner and seem to always be thinking/worrying about tomorrow.
I really want to start focusing and enjoying today!

This one is so hard for me. I am definitely trying! But being on the job hunt makes it difficult!


Nancy said...

I hear ya about #8. I'm a twin mom with an older child as well and it's hard to get out of the house! It takes FOREVER to get everyone ready to go and then when you are out and about 5,000 people stop by to see those cute little bundles in your double stroller. At the beginning I seriously kept thinking, "people, I've got an hour to get this grocery shopping done before these babies start screaming. stop talking to me." Of course I never said it, but I wanted to sometimes. But it's so much easier now that I'm used to it. The girls and I are always on the go now!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

It sounds like you're doing pretty well! Honestly, when you have 3 kids, it's all about keeping the house LOOKING clean. Let's not talk about the last time I cleaned the tub or fridge! ;)