April 23, 2013

A Day in Our Life

It's been awhile since I have done a "day in the life" post and recently had a request to do it again.

So here goes!

A typical day looks like this:

6:30 am Hudson wakes up. I go get him and try to soothe them while waking up Reagan and getting him dressed for the day.  We make his bed, get him breakfast, and put him in front of the TV for a cartoon before school.

7:00 am Nick takes Reagan to school and heads to work. I wake up Harper and take the twins into my bedroom.  I set them up on the bed to eat their bottles while I pump and eat a breakfast bar.

7:45 am Change the babies diapers, wash the bottles, make the next set of bottles, etc.

8:00 am The twins play for a bit in their exersaucers while I do laundry and unload dishwasher.

8:30 am The twins nap. Most mornings I take them into my bed with me and the three of us cuddle and nap together.  It's may favorite part of the day with them. Lazy bones over here- but I love my sleep and I love my babies. Win. Win.

11:00 am We wake up from our nap.  I set the babies up in their high chairs and feed them oatmeal and some baby food. (This week they will be trying apples at the beginning of the week and pears towards the end).

11:30 am We move into the bedroom where they have their bottles and I pump.

12:00 pm I set the babies up in the living room on the floor with toys. I wash bottles, make bottles, etc. I then try and eat my lunch while they are happy and playing.

12:30 am I lay the babies in their cribs for a nap. While they nap I blog, clean, shower, and do things around the house.

2:00 pm The babies wake up and it's time to eat again.  I pump/bottle feed.

2:30 pm I wash bottles, make bottles, etc. This is usually when we run our errand/s for the day. The twins sometimes nap in the car (for like 15 minutes) but never sleep well.

4:30 pm My Mom picks up Reagan from school and drops him off at the house.  We go over his day and visit.

5:00 pm I put the babies in their high chairs and they eat rice cereal and baby food.  (This week their dinner with rotate carrots and green beans). 

5:30 pm Nick gets home from work and he helps me bottle feed the babies while we talk about his day.

6:00 pm Nick makes dinner and I clean / tidy the house. The babies and Reagan play.

6:30 pm Dinner time for us and Reagan.  The babies usually hang out in the swings, chat with us in their high chairs, or play. Occasionally they take a cat nap.

7:00 pm  Bath time for the kiddos. Nick is usually cleaning up the kitchen and I bath the kids.

7:30 pm I typically do "Reagan duty" and Nick is in charge of the twins.  Reagan's bedtime routine is bath, teeth, pick out books for the night, etc.  We climb into his bed and I read him 3 stories then tell him 3 stories (how we got ourselves into this 6 story mess is beyond me. It is insane but he throws a fit if I try to shorten it.) We turn on his stars (that stuffed animal that shines stars on the ceiling) and cuddle for 10 minutes.  

8:00 pm Nick feeds the twins their night bottles while I finish up with Reagan.

8:30 pm I leave Reagan and go into the bedroom to pump and read blogs. Nick changes the babies' diapers and then lays them down in their cribs for the night.  Afterwards he is usually in the living room watching TV or studying .

9:00 pm I clean bottles and make bottles for the morning feeding.
Nick and I usually reconnect at 9:30 pm to watch a show or a movie together in bed.
He falls asleep around 10:30 pm and I lay in bed reading usually until 11:00 pm.


Amber said...

I am tired just reading this God bless you girl

Lauren said...

I love that you take a nap with the babies! I do that most mornings too! Granted I only have one child but just like you I love my sleep and I love my baby!!

Anonymous said...

You are such a wonderful mom! Your babies are precious and it's so sweet that you nap with them. :)

emilydemill said...

What a day! I have 7 month old B/G twins and can totally feel you. I work full time but after the weekend can be worn out. It's a constant waltz. But I wouldn't trade it. :)