April 11, 2013

Thinking back to college...

Yesterday there was an article floating around on Facebook about my college, Arizona State University. It was a crack up. Obviously a totally one sided/stereotyped look at ASU, but funny non the less. If you want to read it, click here.

Here are some of the parts that gave me a good giggle.

"Known as the Harvard of the Southwest to anyone who finds truth in being tan, skinny and popular.  ASU was a pioneer in the 5 year plan. “Daddy, it’s just too much pressure to keep up with school, the demands of Psych 101 are so hard, and working 2 hours a week at the tanning salon are too much.” Truth; we were too busy blacking out pool side, we totally forgot we enrolled in classes. It’s easier to be turned down from a strip club turned night club in a slutty black dress on your birthday than it is to be turned away from ASU - you could show up to the admissions office that same blacked out night and the dean would welcome you with open arms.  This college is for the betch who already knows that being tan, skinny and popular will get her farther than some fancy degree....just ask ASU dropout Jimmy Kimmel, the betch who can sit in a job interview and bullshit while saying, “yes, my college education opened my eyes to many wisdoms in life;” which were mainly how to blackout and always look hot in pics....oh, and that we were smart enough to maximize 4-5 years of parental sponsored partying.... ASU....that must have been fun,” = understatement of the century."

Cracks me up. Yep. I was on the 4.5 year plan and Nick was for sure on the 5 year plan!

" ASU greek life went through a reform Kim Jong Un style around 2007, where most frats were destroyed.  If being fratty was a major at ASU, most would’ve excelled, and most did. Going to ASU was like joining a frat in and of itself, so Greek Life wasn’t a huge factor - but if you want to be guaranteed that your friends have money, greek is the way to go. Honestly, finding a party at ASU is easier than finding a class."

We graduated by 2005 but I heard about most of the fraternities getting kicked off because of drugs and such. I know Nick's fraternity (Pike) just got put back on this year. 

"Theta - More competitive than gays at a gay bar. “Smartest” (by ASU standards) and also really pretty."

I love this quote about my sorority, Theta. Too funny.

Anyways it got me thinking back to college days and decided to go in the garage and look through some old scrapbooks during nap time.  (Totally productive nap time...not!) Anyway. Here are some old pics I got a crack up looking at. I posted them and more on Facebook yesterday and got such a response! Clearly I'm not the only one who wishes they could go back to college days for a minute or two and relive those times! Not everything about ASU was partying. We actually did go to class and did learn things! And Greek life was so much more than parties as well. I made the most amazing friends and sisters.

At one of Pike's date parties - White Trash Date Dash.
Really. Nick looks so scary and I look like a hot mess!

This picture was from a Pike formal in Mexico. I went with my friend Travis aka Squints. I barely knew Nick then and looks like he just jumped in this picture. Drunk boy. But I def had a crush on him. Later on during this trip we had our first kiss.

This was a picture from a party at my friend Jessie's house.
We weren't dating yet here either but clearly I had squeezed myself in between him and Brian.

This was at a Kite and Key date party with Theta and Kappa. It was a sports theme. Nick  and I had just started dating here. And he shaved his head. He looked like a skin head. Scary.

This picture was from when we were dating.

Another trip to Mexico for a Pike formal.
This time I went with Nick.

In Mexico with Nick and one of my college besties- Lindsey.

With two of my sorority sisters.
Love them.

How about this shot?
Please tell me I wasn't the only person who used ribbon to make a bow/belt for my jeans?

This was a pic from my senior year. Yikes.

Really? We thought we were gangsters?

Aww. I so loved a good theme date party!
One of our yearly Barn Dances.

With some of my college besties roller skating at a Theta house retreat.

I got such a giggle from this.
I had saved the program from one of our philanthropies.
Each senior had a little questionnaire.
Check out my "dream man" and "future plans".

Too funny. 
College seems like FOREVER ago.
There were definitely things I don't remember and things that I wish I didn't remember.
But overall they were some of the best years of my life.
I met some of my best friends and met the love of my life.

How was your college experience?
Do you wish you could go back for a weekend?


agalandherdog said...

HAHA! TOTALLY did the ribbon for a belt thing! I am embarrassed!

Steph said...

That article was funny!!! I did notice they left off the College of Ed! :). That's because we just are awesome!

Glad you posted this!

Jess said...

I think I went to a very similar school! Mine was just located in Florida. I totally rocked the ribbon belt and loved dressing up for socials! I'm marrying my college sweetheart who was in a frat too. I also love the senior pages y'all did! How awesome to look back on!

I've always said from the outside looking in you'll never understand it but from the inside looking out you'll never be able to explain it. I know it is kinda a cheesy quote but I truly believe it.

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Emily said...

It looks like you had SUCH an awesome college experience, how fun! Mine was totally different - I commuted to save $ and worked full time at an office so I could pay for my college - boooo!

Danielle said...

I just adore your blog and reading all of your fun posts!! I have been a follower for awhile now and love all your cute "extras" you do and all your ideas! You are so beautiful and have a beautiful family!