April 24, 2013

What My Husband Says About Me

Last week Becky created a link up for our husbands. I have had so much fun reading what your husbands had to say about you! I really felt like we got a glimpse into each other's lives! Thank you all so much for sharing!  Life has been pretty crazy around our house, so it has taken Nick awhile to write his.  I so appreciate him taking time out to do it. And I had such a good giggle reading what he wrote. 

Here is what he wrote:

1. Mandy loves taking pictures of our family. I think that she believes if we do not have a picture of an event, then it did not really happen.

Haha. Yep. Pretty much. Maybe one day I will get a fancy schmancy camera and really take it to the next level. Hint hint.

2. When Mandy gets tired she starts to play with her hair.  If she ends up bald in 20 years, this is probably why.

Hmm. I think I may end up bald much sooner. This post-baby hair loss is no joke! Do you think with twins I loose twice as much?

3. Mandy loves dinner party type games.  Like when everyone goes around the table and says their favorite .......

Yes. And now Reagan is taking over the throne. This is his favorite thing to do at dinner time now. He starts, "Let's talk about ....". A child after my own heart.

4. If you wake up Mandy from a nap, be ready for the most deer-in-the-headlights-look.  It's pretty cute.

So the moral of the story here is - just don't wake me up!

5.  Mandy changes into her comfy clothes the minute she gets home.  (Usually consists of sweatpants/shorts and one of my tee shirts).  Reagan will even notice and point out if Mommy isn't in her "comfies".

This is embarrassing because it is true.  Reagan has even announced to random people at the store "Something is wrong here. Mama isn't in her comfies.". Awesome. 

6. If Mandy tries to lay down and watch a movie, she will be asleep in 5 minutes.

Always have, always will!

7. If Mandy is really paying attention to something or watching TV, her head will slightly tilt her head to the right. Not really sure why.

Yes. This is weird. I've been known to creep people out.

8. One time before Mandy and I were dating, she saw that I was holding a football and said that she wanted to play catch.  She told me that she was the female version of Brett Favre.  She knew the way to my heart.

I may or may not have had a few drinks and was feeling pretty cocky.

9. Mandy loves her sleep.  If we did not have kids making noise on Saturday mornings I think she could sleep all day.

Definitely. Let's try it this weekend!

10.  Mandy hardly drinks caffeine so it's pretty hilarious when she drinks a Mountain Dew because she is bouncing off the walls.

Dance parties usually commence after a Mountain Dew. Just saying.

11. She loves to dance and sing.  It's just too bad she's not good at either.


12. Mandy has to sleep with her 'blanky'.  It's her childhood blanket that is now just a tattered piece of fabric. 

I love my blankie.

13. Mandy is the most loving, thoughtful, caring, and considerate person that I have ever known.

Aww. Love you.


Mrs. Mommy said...

Aww, I'm so glad he got a chance to do this. You're right, it was such a fun way to learn more about each other. I have to have a Mountain Dew a day so it doesn't have an effect on me anymore. It's seriously a bad addiction!

I am also always in my "comfies". I love that Reagan tells people about them, haha.

I think our hubbies should blog more often. It's so much fun to read what they have to say!

SugarFreeAsh said...

I LOVE that you sleep with your blankie. :) I slept with mine till I had a kid and I made myself retire it...I miss it! haha

Anonymous said...

I am the SAME way if I sit down to watch a movie or something! I just can NOT hang anymore for nothin'!
And I feel ya on the caffeine. I tried doing the whole 'coffee thing' recently, and I am just completely off the walls and don't like the crash feeling afterwards.
Such a cute list :)

The Burtons said...

So glad your Hubby decided to join in! Many of these I can relate to- especially changing into "comfies" immediately! Oh and the hair loss after twins is NO JOKE! I've never had a single so can't compare but my hairdresser even said something it's been nuts!

Cari said...

This is so sweet!

I am the same when I am sleeping and someone tries to wake me!

Lea Culp said...

This was just too cute! I think you have a "keeper" for sure!

Colleen said...

I absolutely love this!