April 16, 2013

Our 6 Month Must Haves and TTT

It's been awhile since I've done one of these "must have" posts.
Now that the twins are more active, their favorite things and "must haves" have changed as well.
Here are the things that come to mind when I think of what they are really into now:


We have two. One was from when Reagan was a little guy and one was borrowed from my in-laws. They are both so much fun for the twins and we use them daily. They love the lights, sounds, and all of the toys.  If you have a little one I would definatly recomend getting one. And honestly, if you have twins, I would get two!


We have a huge basket of toys in the living room for the twins to play with.  But their very favorite ones seem to be their Lamaze brand toys.  They make the most awesome crinkly noises that the twins just love to make.

Below is an example of one of their favorites.


We got this next toy as a gift from one of my aunts when Reagan was a baby. And I remember it always being one of his favorites.  It continues to be the babies' favorite now too.  When they are playing on the ground, they love to hit it and make all of the noises, play songs, and see the sun light up.  I know it will continue to be a hit once they are sitting up as well. I looked online and it doesn't look like they make this particular one anymore. But I'm sure you can find something similar!

VTech Discover Nursery Farm


We got this next toy when Reagan was a little guy but it has become one of the twins' favorite things as well.  It works well when we are practicing sitting up.  I can put this toy in between their legs and they play with it while practicing to sit.  The noise and bouncing balls are fascinating for little guys! Again, not sure if they make this same model anymore- but I'm sure you can find something similar!


We have finally transitioned both babies into sleep sacks from swaddles.  They are a nice alternative to blankets and still give the babies some security.


The babies are really getting attached to their lovies. They each cuddle with their lovie in the crib, in the swing, and even play peek a boo with them. Harper's is pink and Hudson's is blue. Duh. :)


Our new stroller has become a definite 6 month must-have. We have used it so much already just because of how awesome it is! 

What are some 7 or 8 month must haves that you recommendt I get for next month?

Now for Trendy Tot Tuesday....

This weekend we attended our Mothers of Multiples Spring Picnic.
Not sure why, but I dressed the kids in some patriotic garb.
Not very spring-ish. But I was feeling the red, white, and blue!

Hat from Carters
Polo from H&M
Shorts from Gymboree

Top and skirt from Carters
Bow from Basically Bows

Shirt from H&M
Shorts from Carters


Kelly Slater said...

So cute! I love their names too!

The Burtons said...

Love the kiddo's outfits! And yes, our twins LOVED the exersaucers! BTW, do you like Moms of Multiples? I've thought of joining the local group here, but haven't yet....many people told me I should...I have a Mommy group that I love but I am the only one with twins...thoughts?


Rebecca said...

Wheeler had the same exersaucer and barn toy and loved them! My daughter is probably about big enough to start using the exersaucer (4 months) and I'm sure she'll love it, too. We recently added one of the toy bars to her carrier (we use it when not in the vehicle) and she loves it! I also can't wait to start using the jump-a-roo. Wheeler would jump for hours when he was about six or seven months.

Leah said...

How are they already 6 months? I'm working on my 7 month post for next week, it's crazy how they love different things at different stages.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

They looked so cute!
I love sleep sacks. I still stuff Lily into one!