November 13, 2013

Phone Photo Dump!

I finally uploaded pictures from my phone!
I know it's been awhile!

The first day of October and the kids were sporting their new skeleton jammies!

Cheering on our ASU Sun Devils!

Eating real food started off really bad... The twins were missing their bottles big time! 

Visiting the ducks at the park!

Playing with cousin Charlie.

Watching the fountain.

Soccer practice.

Huddy on the move!

 And asleep in the high chair!

Our Red Ribbon Week poster.

The big kids riding in Papa's convertible to dinner.

Reagan gave up on the Cardinal jack o lantern pretty early on... and decided to work on a craft instead. I think Nick was totally fine with this. Ha.

Ninja Turtle Love!!

My pumpkin princess!

This kid passes out in the weirdest ways.

Sweet friends!

Page 1 of Reagan's Christmas list... Ninja Turtle obsessed much?

Bridal shower love for Sarah! 


MommyMandy Musings said...

Those skeleton jammies are just the best!

Kathryn said...

Cute pics!!!