November 3, 2013

The Twins First Birthday!

Oh my word. Here I go again slacking on the good old blog!

Here is a review and tons of pics from their birthday celebrations!

Their actual birthday was a Friday so we all had school.
I couldn't find any birthday outfits/onesies that were short sleeved (it was still really hot here!), so I ended up making my own from iron-ons I found at Hobby Lobby.

Reagan was so excited for their birthday.  
He woke up and went running into their room singing to them both. 
It was precious.

We had their birthday party on the Sunday following their birthday.
We kept it pretty small. Just family and close friends.
We knew we were going to do it our house, and didn't have a whole lot of room for a big party.  We had about 30 adults and 12 kids.

I knew I didn't want to do the typical first birthday or twin theme that you see everywhere. No offense to those of you who did those! They are cute.. but I just wanted something different.

So I decided on a nautical theme.
 It flowed with their nursery theme and was gender neutral!

Here are some pics from the big day!

Here is the invite I had made from Etsy.

My 1 year olds and I.
(More about their outfits on Tuesday!)

 I ordered subs from Subway and had munchies. Pretty low key!

 Party decorations.

 The birthday thrones.

Cupcakes for the guests.

The babies' smash cakes.

 Party hats for the guests.

 Nick and I with our birthday babies!

 Our family of 5!

 I just love these sweet babies.

 Seriously, mom.

 Ready to sing to each of our kids.

They were both so timid and delicate about eating the cake.
Not at all how I pictured Hudson to be with his smash cake!
Harper, I knew, would need some major coaxing!

We basically had to shove it in their faces!

I love this action shot.
 Our living room was full of the people we love, just talking and laughing.

And the big toy hit- this ball popper.
All the kids loved it!
Good present choice Reagan!
(He got this one for Huddy!)


Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

Happy birthday to those cuties!!!!! Love the party and the invite. :) :)

Lea said...

Now, if that is just not the cutest theme! I don't know how you do all you do and do it with such flair! You must take some really good vitamins! :o) The twins are just adorable and how blessed they are to have you as their Mom. Happy start to their 2nd year!

Amy said...

Sweet babies! Love the party theme! I think it's perfect. :) Great work Mama!

Leah @ Everyday Love said...

You did such a great job! I still can't believe they're one!

Rebecca said...

I love the theme! It's hard to believe they are a year! Our little one's 1st birthday is in less than a month and I haven't even started planning. Now I'm inspired. Great job!

Melissa W. said...