November 17, 2013

Reagan's Halloween Party 2013

Going to Reagan's school Halloween parties has been one of my favorite traditions to do.  Each year the school does a sweet little parade and each classroom has a party. It's been fun going since he was 1 year old! I took a half day this year so I could go and help in his classroom.  It's always fun to see him interacting with his friends and such. 

This year I made the pudding graveyard I saw on Pinterest.  I thought they turned out so cute but I had a major mom fail and they fell over in the car driving to school. Oops. Note to whoever wanted to try this next year- bring them in a container with sides! Duh. Geesh! Oh well.

For those of you curious what it is:

Anyways, the teachers and other moms thought they were adorable. But the kids could have cared less. All they wanted were the Cheetos. Kids! 

I made these little buckets for the kid's teachers.  
I got the idea from my sister Meg. Hershey Kisses and plastic, blinged-out spiders with a note that says "Bugs and Kisses". Super easy and hopefully were enjoyed throughout the day.

My beautiful niece also goes to the same school, so it was fun to see her in the parade as well.
Here she is with my sister!

The adorable Minnie Mouse and her parents during the parade!

Reagan's class all ready for the parade!

My Captain Hook parading through the school!

Reagan and his buddies enjoying their snacks!

More friends celebrating!

Reagan's teacher reading them a Halloween book.

Captain Hook!

Reagan and his class!

Reagan and Miss Danielle! 
We love her! 

Reagan and his friend Gabriella - Tink and Captain Hook! 

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