November 16, 2013

Halloween in our Classroom 2013

Prior to Halloween we did a week on pumpkins. 
Of course I realized I only took a few pictures!
We talked about the pumpkin life-cycle, described pumpkins using adjectives, and did pumpkin math.  Our four first grade classes rotated one day and did various pumpkin activities.  The kids loved it! 

Here are a few pictures I did snap.

Pumpkin estimation

Pumpkin life cycle

Our pumpkin patch of /ch/ words (our sound of the week).

See? Not much! Ha.

Halloween day was a big day at our school.
I just LOVED the excitement and sense of community.
I feel so lucky to be at a school where kids are encouraged to be kids and celebrating holidays is so special!

Here is a picture of my great time (the 3 girls) and a student teacher.
We decided to dress up as cowgirls/boys! :)

The kids are all encouraged to wear their costumes to school that day.
Here is our class before the parade and party.

K-2 kids paraded twice around the building while all of the parents, neighbors, and older grades watched, clapped, and cheered. There was Halloween music playing over the loud speakers and the kids were precious. It was so sweet and I was amazed with the turnout. 

After the parade we came back to our classroom for party fun.
I set up tables of games and had parent volunteers man the games.

The kids played Halloween BINGO with those Halloween erasers from the dollar spot!

The kids also played "Don't Eat Frank" with candy corn.

The kids also did pumpkin art by decorating their foam pumpkins with those foam stickers and markers.

One of my teammates had a fun idea to make "apple natchos" and the kids just loved it.  They each had an apple with whatever toppings they wanted including caramel, chocolate, sprinkles, candy corn, m&ms, marshmallows, and more.

It was a hit!

The kids also did a game in the hallway where I set up buckets with numbers on them.  I bought large plastic spiders and the kids took turns tossing spiders into the buckets.  The kids in their group waiting for a turn had to create an addition sentence using those numbers. It was such fun!

The kids also played "Pin the Spider on the Web". 

After the party I had ordered pizzas and the kids had a lunch party and watched a Halloween movie.

We spent time with our 4th grade buddies in the afternoon and they created monsters together.
They sure love their buddies! 

We had a great Halloween in first grade! :)

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Victoria said...

This was such a great day!!! I am so glad I was able to go and be a part of the special activities!!! You are at a wonderful school and the activities you did are just awesome. The kids are so lucky to have you as a teacher, and I know you are loving them so much!!!!