November 19, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had a nice little Halloween night with our crew.
We had a pizza dinner at my parents' house and went trick or treating with the kids! 

Everyone was pretty tired, so we were home and changed by 7:45 which was great! 
The babies were troopers and were pretty content just being pushed around in the stroller.  

As far as our costumes this year... we let Reagan take control again and decide what we should be.  He wanted to be Captain Hook (forever loving the bad guys, I tell ya!) He proceeded to decide what everyone else should be as well. I think it all worked out pretty well! :)

Our Minion and Monster Mike manned the front door while we went out trick-or-treating!

Here was our  crew from Neverland!
Nick was Mr. Smee,  Harper was Tinkerbell, Rea was Captain Hook, Huddy was Peter Pan and I was Wendy. Reagan was pretty pleased that we all were what I decided ! :) 

At my parents' house before trick-or-treating!

Reagan trick-or-treating with Charlie!

My pretty little Tink!

My handsome Peter!

Love these two!

Costume details:
I tried really hard to pinch pennies where I could this Halloween! I originally had all 3 kids costumes in my cart from Disney and it was ridiculously $$! So I decided to try my best and cut corners. I decided that babies' costumes didn't need to be high end since they really weren't going to wear them again or play dress up. Obviously Nick and I didn't need the real deals- so I shopped around and found similar things. The most expensive thing of all of the costumes was Reagan's hat. But it was worth it. I swear- he got so many comments on it and I know it will be a great addition to our dress-up collection! :)

Captain Hook hat (Disney Store)
Captain Hook shirt (Costume Express)
Hook and Sword (Party City)

Tinkerbell outfit and wings (Costume Express)
Tights (Target)
Tinkerbell bow (Etsy)

Green tee shirt (Hobby Lobby)- I just cut it up
Peter Hat (Etsy)
Green Tights (Walmart)
Brown Ribbon for sash (Hobby Lobby)

Bandanna (Hobby Lobby)
Blue/White shirt (TJ Max)

Nightgown (TJ Max)

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Amy said...

Such a sweet family you have! :)