November 22, 2013

Bat Week!

During the week of Halloween our class did a study on bats.
And Oh My Word! 
Did they love it!?!

There was so much wonderful bat material out there already created by you fabulous teachers that I was able to integrate bats into all of our areas of learning. The kids were so engaged and were thrilled to learn and share about bats.

Here is some of what we did.

 W/L chart on bats

Bat labeling

Bat craft and Bat graphs

Bat poems

Bat adjectives and Bat informative writing
We did a lot more that I didn't take pictures of.
You can find some of the links below!:)


Lea said...

You and my daughter are some of those awesome teachers that parents just hope their kids get to have one year. Always making learning a fun adventure!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family.

Victoria said...

Great job Mandy!! You make learning fun and interesting for the kids! They are so engaged!!