August 6, 2011

Back to School

I've loved looking at all of your beautiful and creative rooms these last few weeks! After working like an animal in my classroom this past week (in between all of those meetings/trainings of course) my room is complete. I've carried over the apple theme that I started last year. That made things a lot easier- although it didn't stop me from buying an insane amount of new things! Here are the pictures I took today at school. Enjoy!

Room at a glance
Grammar Wall (I am an ELD teacher so I have to have this instead of a word wall.)

Front door, Class Jobs, Star of the Week

Name Station (From Deanna Jump's Unit)

Word Family Station

ABC Order Station, Word Work Station, Rhyming Station
Calendar Math Notebooks (So excited to try this!)
Calendar Math Wall
Calendar Math Wall

Calendar Math Wall

Math Stations

Got these above great ideas from fellow bloggers! Thank you!

Writing Wall

(We are starting Thinking Maps, thus the new posters.)

Carpet Area
(Love the vowel glues from Teacher Wife! Thank you!)

Reading Focus Wall

Small Group Area

Reading Group Tubs

Student Work Display (27 kids so far! Wow!)

Student Book Boxes

They are organized by Table Numbers and I am going to take their pictures and post on the boxes for easy id.

Looking into the hallway

Reading Tree
The kids apple/names will move up or down depending on their ORF scores each week.

Organization (writing journals, wake-up journals, etc)
My Teacher Area
Library Station, Cubbies, Computers

An Example of a Table

Thursday night was Meet the Teacher Night at our school.

Here is a picture of my first grade team this year.

Cori is new to our team this year (she came up from Kinder and replaced Kelli who went up to Second Grade this year), then me, then Kate (this is our 7th year teaching together), and Lisa (this is our 5th year teaching together). We're going to have a great year!


Anonymous said...

Your room is so colorful and happy, great job! I really like the work display area!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks amazing!! I love your classroom :) It is all so organized and fun too. I did thinking map training and loved it... Happy back to school!!

The Kimbrells said...

I love your organization!!!
Have a great year! :)

Jamie said...

GIRL! Your room looks great! You did a great job and I know your new students will love it :)

Ms. Emily Ann said...

You are the cutest teacher ever!! Your room is adorable! Good luck with the next school year!

txtchrgirl said...

What do you put into your community supplies and how do you manage the items?

Stacey said...

Are the baskets under the tables for coats/backpacks? Your room is wonderful!!!

Leah said...

Your room looks amazing! I'm heading in this week to start setting up my room. I'm starting to get excited!

Rachel said...

Amazing as usual Mandy! We started thinking maps last year, you'll LOVE them. Good luck tomorrow! XOXO

Kelsey said...

Thanks for your comment about my classroom pictures!

I love your apple theme! It makes the room so fun and colorful!

Kelsey said...

Thanks for your comment about my classroom pictures!

I love your apple theme! It makes the room so fun and colorful!

Mandy's Memories said...

Your room is amazing! I am thinking about implementing some of your wonderful ideas! Thansk for sharing :)

Victoria said...

Your room is AMAZING! how on earth does one teacher teach 27 ELL students????!!!! Thisni just unbelievable and frankly unfair. You are super-teacher!

Meghan said...

Wow this is AMAZING! You just filled my head with tons of ideas. Love it all! I teach second grade and our school will be having a set time of ELD instruction for the first time ever this year. We had a training with Bonnie Bishop, not sure if that name's familiar to you... but I recognized all of your graphic organizers. Your room is beautiful! What lucky students you'll have. Have a great year!

Miss Reeve said...

OH MY GOODNESS, I just stumbled across your blog and your pictures are sooo awesome! Looks like you put a lot of work into your room! It looks fantastic!!!! :)


OMG!!!! OMG!!!!! I LOVE your room. Thank you for sharing your pictures. AMAZING. I have so many questions I don't know where to begin. Did I say OMG. Where did you buy the table trays in front of your stations.


The Burns Family said...

I hope I can accumulate as much stuff as you have over the years!! So jealous :) Where did you get those big magnetic letters that are on your desk??

Francesca said...

Are you kidding me? This is the best room I have EVER seen!! I love it! I can't believe how wonderful and organized it is. Congratulations on an absolutely perfect room:)

teachJM said...

I love your room! I am always overwhelmed myseld, as a fellow first grade teacher, with small group time. I love your work stations. How many kids do you plan to have in each group and how often do you change those out?

Jayne Gammons said...

It is obvious you have put HOURS of work into this room. WOW! I just had to pin some things to my pinterest boards.

JulieKate said...

You have inspired me to be MORE organized! What do you put in the baskets under the tables?

Miss J said...

Your room is adorable!! Thanks for sharing!!

Miss J
Smiles, Crayons, and Endless Stories

Mrs. G said...

Wow!! I love your room!! What an inspiration!! =)

April Kreitzer Wolfe said...

Great room!! Looks very inviting!! I am your newest follower.


Nancy Foytlin said...

Thanks for the great ideas! I am looking for the lap desks that you have. I've found some on-line but none of them have the matching caddy. Help anyone....and, of course, the "cheap" factor is important. Have a relaxing summer!

mbs4174 said...

I would love to come in your room and pick your brain on ideas. I am coming back from a leave of absence after two years and I am so excited to get back to having my own classroom. Your pictures are really energizing me. Thanks for sharing.

California Natives said...

What an awesome room! I love your centers! Could you comment on how you manage who goes where for centers and how you rotate during center time? I would love to hear a post on all the centers you use and how you change them out!

Pam said...

Hi! I love your room so much! Can you tell me where you got the cute green lap desks? They are a must have as well as your permanent stations. Thanks for sharing! I love your blog. :)

Pam in Utah

newmanm said...

I LOVE your blog! I am nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Head over to my page to grab it:

O FISH ally a First Grader (Corinna) said...

I just came across your blog and I am now one of your newest followers. Your room looks fabulous!

liezel Ayala said...

Wow! I like it so much the room is of the best I saw today. I already Pin it. andkon

Tiffani C said...

I liked your reading group tubs and was just curious what sort of things you put in the different tubs? I am about to end my first year as a kindergarten teacher and I'm trying to get ready for next years class. I would love any suggestions or ideas you have and used.

Haley said...

I love your room so neat! Want your carpet with the color squares real bad! Where did you get it?