August 9, 2011

Teacher Tuesday

Hi friends!

I have finished my 2nd day of school this year! Wahoo!! 25/27 have shown up and half of them are from another school in our district. (The district made new school boundries and switched a bunch of the students around.) It is very interesting (to say the least) to see a different group of students from a different school. So the last two days have been spent practicing proceducres and good behavior, touring the school, getting to know you activities, etc. I'm enjoying my new class and am hoping for a great school year.

One of my favorite bloggy/twitter friends , MJ at Teaching in Heels, started a new link-up for teachers on Tuesday. So of course I had to participate and show her some bloggy love! She wants us to share fun and new teaching things for other teachers.... very cool!

The girls on my team have been doing some activities from Babbling Abby's Fun with Firsties this week. One of my favorite new things is the Jitter Juice. The kids LOVED it!! Big time!!

First I read the book "First Day Jitters".

Next, we talked about nerves / jitters / etc.

The kids all read Abby's poem multiple times (too cute).
Then, we made the jitter juice. ( I altered the recipe a little bit - mainly bc I didnt want to deal with scooping sherbert ice-cream! So I just did Hawaiin Punch and Sprite). The students all drank it and were hilarious -- "oh- my butterflies all flew away!"

Last, we graphed our results.
If you haven't checked out Babbling Abby's Back to School Unit I would definately reccomend it! :) Jitter Juice was a BIG hit!


Raven said...

I bet you are a great teacher. I hope my boys have a teacher like you one day!

Ambs said...

This is great!!! I think I will try this out in 2 weeks!!

MJ @ Teaching in Heels said...

That is so cute!! I love it :) Hope your first week back is going well...

Thanks for linking up too girl!!

Jamie said...

Awww looks like you had a great first day!!

Ellen said...

Sorry. I have a girl with ADHD for whom the red dye in Hawaiian Punch is a brain toxin. Why why why is this considered a great educational offering?!?

Mama Breit said...

While I love the cuteness of this, maybe consider giving something healthy instead. There is nothing healthy in Hawaiian Punch. In fact, if you gave this to my son of his first day of school, you would get a bad first impression of him. Food dyes make him ADHD and physically aggressive. Please reconsider!!!