November 6, 2010

Movie Night

After a busy Friday at school, a bunch of my friends all went to Rainforest Cafe before Movie Night. My mom picked up Reagan from school and dropped him off so he could join us. My sister Meg also came! The atmosphere at Rainforest was soooo fun. But it was kind of a disaster! We sat there for over an hour after ordering....and the waitress came out and said that something was wrong in the kitchen and our food hadn't been put in yet. I was LIVID! So we finally got our food (which ended up cold anyway) and had her immediately box it up so we could take it with us to Movie Night... Grr.. What a mess!

Meg, Reagan, and I.
Holly and I.
Meg, Reagan, and the elephants.
Jenny, Lisa, and Kelli.

Anyways, then we went to our school. Twice a year the PTSA puts on "Movie Nights". It's so awesome. They set up a huge screen on the field and all of the families bring blankets and chairs to sit and watch the movie. They sell popcorn, hot chocolate, glow sticks, candy, etc. It's always such a fun time. This fall they showed Toy Story 3- which you know Reagan LOVES! He stayed on our blanket for a little bit watching the movie, but then got restless. He had a group of little girls from my class chasing him as he ran laps around the field. He was fearless.

Reagan sporting his Toy Story shirt and glow stick... watching his fave- Buzz on the big screen.

Just for fun... here are some pictures of Reagan at last year's movie night.... He was so small! And definitely wasn't running laps around the field or watching the movie. He just kind of sat there!
Little Reagan sitting in Kate's lap.
Kate and Jacob with Reagan and I.

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Mrs. Ruby said...

Your Friday sounds JUST like mine...dinner, movie and PERFECTION! :)