November 9, 2010

Christmas Cards

There are soooooo many things to love about the holiday season. But one of the best things for me is giving and getting Christmas cards. As most of you all know by now, I am a picture fanatic. I take a million pictures and love seeing pictures of my friends and family.
Every day in December I race to the mailbox to see the picture cards that are waiting for me.
Once I have gushed over them they hang proudly where everyone can see them.
I love Shutterfly. I have ordered prints, holiday cards, calendars, and memory books. They are awesome ways to turn your pictures into memories or gifts.

I have been checking out the Shutterfly website and here are some of my faves this season:

I love the simplicity of this one:

Same with this one... plus we all know how much I love Damask!

I also love this Noel card.

Now that I have picked out which cards I like, I need to figure out what outfit to wear and how/where to pose. Any suggestions?
If you are loving these as well as the other Shutterfly products, go here: Click Here Bloggers can get 50 free cards if they write about this season's cards!


The Scott's said...

Cute choices! Have you also looked on Etsy? That's where I ordered mine last year (well, I ordered the jpeg design and then had them printed) was red/black/white damask!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I'm so excited too!!!!

Ashleigh said...

I'm super happy about this promo. I get my cards from them every year because of their quality and always get compliments on them! Yay!

Jenny said...

I'm totally doing this!