November 7, 2010

Our Saturday

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!
Yesterday was a good mix of busy and restful.
I woke up feeling pretty icky. I think I got Reagan's cold. But I got dressed and ran errands. Next weekend a couple of my friends and I are throwing our friend Kate a baby shower. So I drove around to 6 different shopping centers getting items for the shower. (Why can't all the stores I need be in the same area?) Then I came home and took a LONG nap! I woke up and we went to Nick's Mom's house for dinner. It was a belated birthday dinner for him as well as a time to visit with his childhood friend Brandon. Brandon has a new baby boy and girlfriend that we hadn't met. It was pretty cool to see Brandon and Nick (who were best friends as little boys) now with little boys of their own. When we got home and put the little man to bed, I made a banner for the baby shower and wrapped party favors.
Here are some pictures
Brandon, Bryce, Reagan, and Nick
(Don't mind Reagan... he looks ready to eat that poor baby!)

We have a big day of Sunday football at our house today.
The Cardinals play the Vikings later this morning (GO CARDS) and the Packers play this evening!

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Anonymous said...

Haha!! He does look like he'll be eating that little baby. I love it, adorable! :)