November 27, 2010

Our Black Friday

Our Black Friday didn't include any shopping! (I've always wanted to try it but just cant get out of bed that early!) My Mom and Sister did do it though and had lots of crazy stories to tell! Yikes!

I slept in a bit, then we went to downtown to take some pictures for our Christmas card. It was very difficult this year! First off, Reagan was in a crabby mood! He had a cold and his poor nose wouldn't stop running. Plus it was pretty chilly out yesterday morning. We took a ton of pics and maybe 2 worked! I will post our card proof after I've got them in the mail. Oh well, life with a 19 month old I suppose!

We came home and napped and then hung out. I had big hopes to get our tree up and decorated but ended up being lazy and watching DVDs! Oops!

That night we met my parents and sister for dinner at Chili's and then went to Phoenix Zoo Lights.

This is always one of my favorite traditions in December. It is so beautiful and Reagan really loved it this year. Here are some pictures!

I love my family!


Reagan with his Mimi and Papa!

One of the highlights of the night was when we saw Santa. Reagan started yelling "Santa Santa!" It was sooooo cute. We didn't want to have his picture with Santa here but I can't wait for him to sit on Santa's lap this year. He totally recognizes him and says his names so adoringly.

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Jamie said...

Cute pictures! Hope Reagan is feeling better!