November 1, 2010

Reagan's 2nd Halloween

Reagan had a great 2nd Halloween. At about 5:40pm he trick or treated around our cul-de-sac and visited with our neighbors. We then hopped in the wagon and headed down to my parents' house. There mom fed us dinner and we passed out candy in their front courtyard. Reagan had a ball playing with all of the kids who came by. I didn't take too many pictures- but here you go!

Visiting a neighbor with his Mimi.

Noticing a ghost in a window.
Trick or Treat!
Such a big boy!

Couldn't you just eat him?
My Brother in Law is a die-hard Giants fan.... so of course we joined him in the cheering!

Hope that you all had a great Halloween! Looking forward to checking out all of your pictures!!


The Scott's said...

Cutest little Elmo ever!!!

Jamie said...

SO cute! Glad he had a fun Halloween!

Anonymous said...

So adorable!! :)

Lindsey said...

Can we just say...cutest Elmo ever!