January 18, 2010

Weekend in Review

What a wonderful weekend we have had so far!

(And we still have the rest of today off in honor of MLK... yay!)

Saturday we got ready and headed to my parents house. Nick and I were off to celebrate the marriage of one of my sorority sisters and one of his fraternity brothers (yay- another Theta and Pike marriage!) My parents graciously offered to watch Reagan for the night so we could have a baby-free evening. We knew he was in good hands and were excited for him to have some good Mimi and Paka time! (My mom has converted a room into Reagan's room for him to stay there. She bought a high chair, has bowls, food, formula, bottles, toys etc.... everything -- so literally all we have to do is drop off the little man!) We then drove up to the wedding and had a wonderful time with friends. It was a beautiful wedding and we felt so lucky to be able to spend time catching up friends. After the wedding, Nick drove us to my sister's house, where we slept for the evening. She was a wonderful hostess! :)

Nick and I posing at my parents' house before the wedding.

A bunch of the guys at the wedding

Dancing Queens

Nick and I at the cocktail party

(Nick showing his Card pride before the wedding-- they played the Saints while we were at the wedding)

Congrats to Mercer and Tony!

Sunday we woke up (hungover..... dear Lord it had been awhile!) and got dressed. Poor Nick- it has been awhile since he had seen Meg and I get ready together- lots of dancing and singing around their house at the top of our lungs... Perfect cure for a hangover! We then all drove over to my parents house to see the family. Reagan had a great night and I think the g-parents had an even better time. We hung out a little and then went to my fave Bamboo Club for a birthday lunch. I was stuffed to the brim with crab puffs, orange chicken, and bananas foster--heaven. We then headed back to their house to open presents. I was spoiled rotten and got Juicy sunglasses from my sister and a Coach handbag from my parents. After gifts we played with Reagan, watched football, and hung out.

Ready for birthday lunch

With my fave girls and son

OK- on a sad note- it was a TERRIBLE weekend for us football wise... Our Cards lost , the Vikings won (we are die hard Packer fans-- so Farve is now a traitor in our eyes)... blah, blah, blah. Very sad! Now- we shall just focus on college hoops for a while!


Leesie said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I love weekends like this. That's an adorable little pink shrug you have :) an adorable little guy there too.

vtiepelman said...

it was a fun weekend! the best with my baby grandson! How I love the little man! Of course I had a great time with you and Meg as well! (and Nick and your Dad!) Good times!

Lulu said...

Happy belated birthday, M! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. And how amazing does Mercer look!?! She was always such a doll. So happy to have another AZ gal in BlogLand! :)