January 22, 2010

not to toot my own horn....

Ok, first things first...
I have turned over a new leaf (maybe).
If you know me well, you know I DO NOT cook... I love to go out to eat and be served.
But I decided that this week I was going to create a menu and schedule and stick to it. I went to the grocery store on Monday (which I havent been in like six months... Nick is kind of a control freak when it comes to that...(he doesnt like how I get sidetracked and throw random items "not on the list" in the cart) but he passed the baton to me this week). I used 10 coupons (yay me) but still spent 130 for the week...yowza! Anywho- I am so proud of myself... I actually stuck to the menu and things turned out pretty well!
Monday - I made chicken salad sandwiches from the "How to Boil Water" cookbook
Tuesday- I used the crockpot to make shredded BBQ chicken
Weds -(I was supposed to be at a girls game night...which got cancelled)- The "old" me would have heard this and ran to the nearsest pei-wei or chilis to-go... but no! I decided to "shop" in our pantry instead! Mac and Cheese from the box- but at least it was free!
Thursday-Lasagna from the freezer
Friday I had "GO OUT" written on the menu... but due to more bad weather... Nick picked up the $5 Large pizza from Hungry Howies... Cheap-o!
Let's see how long I can keep this up...
Next I week I will try to actually cook 3 meals instead of 2...
Wish me luck!
Oh, you might have noticed the mention of rainy weather.. Yes, I live in AZ. And Yes, we had INSANE weather this week. Hurricane, Tornado, and Flooding Warnings. Our school almost closed due to severe rain.. . I had 7 kiddos absent today but loved the fact I was cozy in my UGGs and sweatshirt at school.
But, its a perfect night curled up in my VS Pink sweats, reading blogs, and catching up on last night's RH of Orange County... Lynn needs to take that daughter out back and show her who the mom is! And where is this Gretchen blog? Im so curious to see what she wrote about Tamara!

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vtiepelman said...

Oh you are sooo right! I would have snatched you baldheaded, and then smacked your smart mouth face if you EVER dared speak to me with such disrespect and just plain mean spirit! Of course, you never tried so I was never pushed. i did of course kick you in the butt that one time when you would not take your Z-pack pill when you had strep. Geesh I tried everything...ground up in a smoothie, hidden in cheese (just like a dog) of course that you were in college really torked me..My one awful mother of the year moment! (I am sure there were more.) anyway, thank you for being a well behaved, loveing daughter (most of the time! :) and that Gretchen needs serious help in the parenting dept.