January 10, 2010

Sunday is for Sports!

Hey everyone!

Today was a great, sports-filled day. It started with the ASU men's basketball game. My sister Meg invited Reagan and I to join her and Shaun to cheer on the Devils against Washington State. Reagan was a super-fan, as usual. He clapped and cheered, made it on the jumbo-tron multiple times, and flirted with just about everyone around us. A sweet older woman even followed us into the restroom (literally the stall) to tell us that "Although she loved watching such a great game, she loved watching him even more". She then proceeded to tell me her favorite things he did during the game... haha... where was this woman and how did I not notice her staring at us?

After the game, Meg, Reagan and I went to lunch and shopping. Always a good time!

My parents and Nick were not at this game (even though they have season tix) because they were at the slightly, bigger game -- Cardinals vs. Packers playoff game. This was going to be an exciting game being that the Green Bay Packers have always been our favorite but we also love our home team. We ended the afternoon by coming home and watching the end of the football game on tv. WHAT A GAME! Reagan wore his Cardinals jumper and his Packers hat and looked for "Dada" on tv. In overtime the Cards caused a fumble, recovered it, and ran it for a touchdown. Cardinals won and go on to play the Saints next Saturday.... it was a great game!

Nick just got home from the game and the baby is asleep.... Im ready to curl up and start a new book "Have a little Faith" by Mitch Albom. I have a busy week at school this week and Im excited for my kiddos to continue to grow... I will write about them another blog!

Oh ps-
I just awarded an awesome award from a new blogger friend-
shortsouthernmomma ! Thanks girl! So fun!


JMay said...

Congrats! You're blog is lovely :-)

Amber said...

Congrats on your award. Yes - Sundays (or all weekend at my house!) are for sports!

Lovely Bones was a great book - very unsettling at times though. It's definitely one of those books that makes you think, which is probably why it's featured in many college modern literature classes. I would recommend it though. :)