January 1, 2010

Our Rockin' New Year

Happy New Year!
Our family rang in 2010 in style!
While there was no sequins, stilettos, there was dancing.... well, just a little bit ! :)

I should first start with the night before NYE was a rough one. I had a killer migraine but we still joined my parents for a Suns game. When we came home we put a very sleepy Reagan to bed. We went to bed ourselves but were woken up with the scariest of all screams. Reagan was screaming at the top of his lungs close to 1am. I went in there and his eyes were still closed. I rocked him and talked to him but he was still asleep, shaking like a leaf, and still crying. It was the most disturbing things I have seen! (Not to mention, the night before I had just seen the movie Paranormal Activity- so I was thoroughly spooked of things in the night). I of course burst into tears myself, not sure how to help him. Nick finally turned on the lights to help Reagan wake up and realize he was having a nightmare. I brought the baby back to our bed and held him all night. None of us got a good night's sleep that night. I had never heard of babies getting nightmares. Have you? Moms out there- is this normal?

OK , back to NYE. We decided to just order in Outback Steakhouse and watch The Office DVDs and The Hangover. (Reagan started teething this week , combined with his exhaustion from last night's bad dream made for a cranky boy!) So we were thrilled when he fell asleep at 7:30. We prayed for a full night's sleep for Reagan and for us.. I woke up at midnight to hear some of the neighbor kids shooting off fireworks...again praying that the dogs wouldn't hear it and bark to wake up Reagan. Thankfully they did not.

Nick and I were remembering the days we used to go out for New Years.... quite different from last night! ha ha

Here are some pics from the last 2 Suns games we were at. Reagan loves them!

I know Im biased, but I think he is just the cutest!
At the Suns/Celtics game
The boys at the Suns/Celtics game

The girls at the Suns/Celtics game

Reagan James
Our family wishes you a Happy 2010!

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