January 20, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Looks like this weekend caught up to me! I stayed home sick today and literally slept all day. I just have an icky cold, but its annoying non the less! Ive got a box of Kleenex in one hand and the bottle of sanitizer in the other. Reagan has a bit of a runny nose and cough also... poor baby.
Monday was Reagan's 9 mo. check up. It was a good report.
Reagan weighs 23.6 lbs - 88 %
Reagan is 29 inches long - 88%
and his head was in the 51st %
The doctor was impressed with his size but reassured me that Reagan was not fat. Clearly I have a complex! He also gave us a perscription for meds for his ear infection (which we had no idea he had...but good to know he wasnt sleeping for a reason!) and a perscription for his face (ezcema and baby acne)... poor guy. So hopefully his face and his ear clears up. I hate when my baby is sick! We also got Reagan the H1N1 shot at the doctor. We went to Peter Piper Pizza after the doctor (I have been craving their cardboard-crust!). Clearly, we werent alone.. I waited in line for like 20 minutes before paying.... geesh.. Luckily Reagan was a trooper. We gave him some of the pizza and he loved it... claps all around!
Ok- off to bed to try and sleep some more! Two more days of work and another weekend!
Wishing you all a great Thursday!


The Olson Family said...

I LOVE Peter Piper Pizza's cardboard crust! So funny you say that :) Hope you and Reagan feel better soon!

vtiepelman said...

hope you are feeling better today! continue to drink lots, and take your cold pills. (are you not glad you are not longer nursing and can take meds? :) wow, such a lot of rain we are getting! You drive carefully! Love you! Mom

vtiepelman said...

OK, with this awful weather I have not ventured outside, do not want to drive anywhere in this poring rain...so, I went to the list of blogs you follow, and started reading, the next thing I know, it had been i and 1/2 hours! These girls are adorable! Well, a few are a little cukoo, but for the most part, such fun! I especially love those Southern girls! (no shcok there!) So Mandy I have to figure out how to be a follower of some of them. SUUUUUCCCHHHH FUN! Did you tell me Megan Farcus has a blog? Just love this!