December 14, 2013

A Look Back at Last Year's Elf on the Shelf

So as you may remember, I was at home last year this time with the newborns. 
And boy. 
Not that newborn twins and a three year old weren't  hard work. 
But nothing in comparison to how busy, crazy things are this year now that I am working!

Looking back.. I feel like - dang Mama. You rocked that Elf on the Shelf business last year!  I feel like a total slacker this year.  Last year I had a craft or activity that tied into each of his hiding spots.  This year- poor Buddy just kind of gets placed! Oh well. Reagan still seems to be excited each morning! 
And I'm just keeping it real! 

For those of you still needing ideas for your Elf , maybe you can get some inspiration here! 

Here are some links back to last year's posts!

1 comment:

Victoria said...

Love love love!!!! And trust me, you are no slacker!!!!