December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving in Our Classroom

We had a great time in the short week leading up to Thanksgiving!
We found some fun activities to incorporate Thanksgiving into reading, writing, and math.

 Turkey syllable sorting

We made turkey hats! 

And on the day before Thanksgiving, we had our classroom feast.

We each made our own butter and sang to the "Butter Boogie".

The kids loved it! 
We ate our butter on rolls as an appetizer to lunch!

 We all ate lunch in the classroom and really enjoyed feasting with our friends.

For dessert we made turkey treats using the cupcakes, cookies, candy, and frosting. 
They turned out so cute! 

We'd been working on synonyms and the kids made synonym turkeys.

We sent home turkeys to hide as homework, and the kids did a great job!
Below were some of my favorites!

For more of the activities we did - check out what I found on my November School Pinterest board! 

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Lea said...

I think you get "Teacher of the Year" award for sure. So creative and so much fun for your students! Christmas blessings my dear!