December 26, 2013

Grinch Day in Our Classroom

One day during that last week of school before break, our class had "Grinch Day". It was so much fun! The kids tried to remember to wear green that day (it was a Monday- so after the weekend, many forgot!) and I wore my Grinch tee.  I found a TON of great Grinch ideas off Pinterest from you lovely bloggers- and I really appreciate all of your hard work! There was simply not enough time for it all! 

Here is a little peak into what we did though.

We started the morning off by reading the book.  I was surprised with how many of them had never heard it before!  We then worked in our "Grinch packets" - which were just copies of things I had found and printed off!  We read the Grinch poem together and highlighted contractions and circled rhyming words (in green of course!)  

We also used number clues to color various numbers on a 100 chart. 
The picture ended up looking like a Grinch! 

The kids each got a green candy cane with a little note attached.
I had the hardest time finding solid green candy canes! Let me know if you did this and found yours easily! I ended up finding boxes with 1/2 green and 1/2 red... so I just got those!

We also enjoyed Grinch Punch with Sprite and Lime Sherbert! 

We made Grinch hats and the kids loved wearing them!

We wrote about how we would make the Grinch grin and did a little craft to go with it.

 Grinch Writing Paper from Here

I was really pleased that the kids understood the message and could write about what Christmas really means.  They did a great job. Some of their answers included "friends and family, loving each other, taking care of others, celebrating Baby Jesus". Sweet kids.

I found tons of great Grinch stuff here

We also made a list of synonyms to describe the Grinch at the beginning and the end of the story. 

Such a fun day to be in First Grade! 


Victoria said...

I just love this idea!!! I do not recall you doing this before! I might have to go to school next year when you do Grinch day!!!!

Emily Lang said...

HI there! Such cute ideas! This will be my first year doing grinch day. Do you have templates for your packet and grinch hats? Any of the worksheets would be great! Thank you! My email is

Jessica Litton said...

Hello! This looks so fun! Do you happen to have the packet available to share? If so me e-mail is! Thanks so much!