December 24, 2013

Gingerbread Week in our Classroom

We had a wonderful time integrating gingerbread into our academic areas the first week of December.
I have built quite a collection of gingerbread picture books and the kids loved to compare and contrast them as well as list the story elements.  I also found a lot of supplemental printables from you all in blog-land- so thank you!  Here is a peak into our week.

We integrated the gingerbread man story into our grammar by identifying verbs into a story.

A gingerbread verb book from First Grade Fever! 

We found all of the verbs from our gingerbread man read-alouds and added them to our giant gingerbread man.  The kids had so much fun acting out these verbs! 

We also found this great page for the kids to think of their own gingerbread saying using a different verb. They LOVED it! 

I think this page was from Creative Classroom as well! 

Of course we had to take 1 bite out of our gingerbread cookies and then graph what part we ate first!

I found this graph from Creative Classroom- but of course can't seem to find the link! 
If it's your's let me know!! 

This positional word book was perfect for our language arts as well - Thanks Kindergrarten Hoppenings! 

We've been working on sorting syllables and this was a perfect review!

Gingerbread Syllable Sort from Deana Jump's Pack.

The kids decorated their own gingerbread man / girl and identified that the word gingerbread was a compound word (they are kind of obsessed with these!) So they thought of other compound words! 

And my kids loved this song/video - Gingerbread Man

There is so much wonderful gingerbread activities- and just simply not enough time!

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