December 6, 2010

Ugly Sweater Party and Twitter

Saturday night we went to our friends' Ugly Sweater Party.

And boy- were our sweaters ugly!

Here are some pictures from the night!

Taking some pictures with Reagan before we left....
don't mind his belly hanging out- looking like a hillbilly baby!

Posing with some of my girls.

Playing a dance game on Wii- too funny.

Deep concentration with Rockband.

While we were inside, the guys were oustide playing beer pong and cornhole.

Here are the winners (Nick won first place! Haha)
I have recently started to Twitter. Is that a verb? haha ... Anyway- my name is tickledpinkmlg. Let me know if you do and we can follow each other! :)
Hope you all had a great Monday!


The Scott's said...

I have said for the past several years that I wanted to have a tacky sweater party. Maybe next year!!!

Jamie said...

Oh what funny sweaters! Y'all are always doing the most fun things :)

Mrs. Ruby said...

HAHAHA!!! I absolutely love tacky sweater parties!!! You and your hubs are a hoot. :)

kelly, said...

Who would have thought to have an "UGLY sweater party" Good idea. y'all look like you are having a ball.

Country Girl said...

I believe it's called "tweeting". Like I'd know, haha!

jules said...

I so want to go to one of these parties! They always look so fun. I guess maybe I'm going to have to host the ug sweater party one of these days!