December 31, 2010

Christmas Part 2 and Snow Trip

The day after Christmas we celebrated with Nick's Mom, Stepdad, and Grandma.
We watched their big train, opened gifts and stockings, and had a yummy lunch.
Here are some pictures!
Reagan and Nick reading a new Elmo book. Reagan and his adorable new bear hat from Grammy.
Nick with a new football book from his Mom.

Choo- Choo!

Playing in the leaves with Grammy.
Playing with a new car garage from Great Grandma.

Monday - Thursday Reagan and I joined my parents and sister Meg up at their house in the mountains. It was soooo cold and on Wednesday we got a blizzard! It was so exciting. Reagan has never seen snow and I have only seen it once (on a high school trip to Europe).... so needless to say I got a little picture crazy with the white snow!

Reagan was obsessed with his Papa!
It started to snow!

Such a cute Snow Bear!

He kept yelling "NOOO, NOOO" Couldn't quite get the 's' at the begining!

Thanks for a wonderful winter getaway Mom and Dad!

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Kristin said...

Dying over that little bear hat! That is too precious!